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Core Classic Watch

The Core Classic is a stunning addition to the Suunto range of ABC watches, it has a stealthy look to appeal to professionals and other more serious users. A multitude of functions and features help you to make the right decisions when you're pitting your wits against the great outdoors. The altimeter is ideal for when you are out and about on your adventures, it can be helpful in accurately pinpointing your location on a map as well as encouraging you to monitor yourself and others around you when at high altitudes and Acute Mountain Sickness might be a risk. The barometer is ideal for helping you make a descision where the weather might be concered, if it is about to take a turn for the worst you might not take the longest route while if it is looking brighter you can make the most of your time on the hill while you are up there. The storm alarm helps to keep you aware of quickly changing conditions. The sunrise and sunset times are great for helping you plan your day, letting you know how long you have in the daylight so that you can arrange your day accordingly.

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Climbing Equipment (1 Products)