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XEO 19R Headtorch Bundle

Whether it's a gruelling search and rescue mission, a climb up the highest mountain or an extreme adventure on foot, bike, skis or skateboard, the LED Lenser Xeo 19R Headtorch is the ultimate light that will extend your day long after the sun has dipped beyond the horizon. One of LED Lenser's brightest headtorches, it is capable of delivering an awe-inspiring 2000lumens over 300metres and is exceptionally versatile. With this bundle you can detach the lamp head and battery pack from the head strap and convert it easily into a handheld super torch, a brilliant bike light or incredible helmet light to ensure the path you take is always sufficiently lit. It also comes with a GoPro and tripod mount for the photographers and filmmakers who want to capture the whole day and an extension cable between the lamp and battery pack offers excellent versatility. There are two LED lights, both of which can be controlled individually. They boast an Advanced Focus System allowing them to move between a flood beam and a sharply focused spot beam and the Smart Light Technology allows you to choose how bright they shine. Three presses on the left arrow button switches the torch into highly intelligent Opti-Sense mode which provides reactive lighting to ensure you always have enough for the situation and surroundings without constantly having to adjust manually, this is a great way to save power too. As you can imagine such a bright kicks out a little heat, but thanks to the Thermal Speed Cooling System the faster you go, the more it helps to cool down resulting in a brighter light output and better performance overall. A great option for those who like to light up their lives with enthralling adventures.

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Head Torches (1 Products)