Bushcraft Clothing (50 Products)

Take a look at our collection of stylish, rugged essentials that perfectly blend outdoor technicality and modern style.


Women's Singi Trekking Jacket

Women's Singi Trekking Jacket overlay empty
Dark Olive Deep Red

WAS: €312.00

NOW FROM: €182.00


Womens Karla Trousers

Womens Karla Trousers overlay empty
Dark Grey Sand Dark Olive

WAS: €143.00

NOW FROM: €85.00


Men's Greenland Winter Jacket

Men's Greenland Winter Jacket overlay empty
Mountain Grey Uncle Blue Dark Navy

WAS: €312.00

NOW FROM: €233.00


Mens Nils Trousers

Mens Nils Trousers overlay empty
Sand Dark Grey Autumn Leaf Ochre Mountain Grey More Colours Available >

FROM: €143.00


Mens Keb Trousers

Mens Keb Trousers overlay empty
Ochre Black / Black Avocado Red Dark Navy/Uncle Blue More Colours Available >



Mens Fury 2.0 Jacket

Mens Fury 2.0 Jacket overlay empty
Antarctic Blue Black Sedona Red/Black

WAS: €117.00

NOW FROM: €77.00


Mens Long Cornice II Jacket

Mens Long Cornice II Jacket overlay empty
Poplar Green Dusk Deep Forest

WAS: €299.00

NOW FROM: €177.00


Mens Canvas Belt

Mens Canvas Belt overlay empty
Blueberry Chestnut Taupe Green Cooper Green More Colours Available >

FROM: €25.00


Womens Fury 2.0 Jacket

Womens Fury 2.0 Jacket overlay empty
Antarctic Blue Saskatoon Berry Siberian Green

WAS: €117.00

NOW FROM: €90.00


Womens Nilla Trousers

Womens Nilla Trousers overlay empty
Autumn Leaf Sand Taupe Rust Dark Grey More Colours Available >



Men's Övik Pocket T-Shirt

Men's Övik Pocket T-Shirt overlay empty
Deep Red Dark Grey Uncle Blue Dark Navy Green

WAS: €46.00

NOW FROM: €33.00


Mens Keb Jacket

Mens Keb Jacket overlay empty
Olive/Avacado Glacier Green / Dark Navy Black / Black Black/Dark Grey UN Blue/Uncle Blue More Colours Available >

FROM: €299.00


Mens Keb Fleece Jacket

Mens Keb Fleece Jacket overlay empty
Dark Olive Dark Grey/Black Autumn Leaf Uncle Blue/Uncle Blue

WAS: €195.00

NOW FROM: €137.00


Womens Thelma Coat

Womens Thelma Coat overlay empty

WAS: €208.00

NOW: €142.00


Mens Abisko Padded Vest

Mens Abisko Padded Vest overlay empty
Black UN Blue

WAS: €169.00

NOW FROM: €129.00


Men's Stig Flannel Shirt

Men's Stig Flannel Shirt overlay empty
Deep Red Black Chalk White

WAS: €104.00

NOW FROM: €77.00