Women's Insulated Jackets (386 Products)

Warm up with our range of women's insulated jackets, keeping the cold out and the warmth in for those extra-chilly nights and evenings.


Womens Microlight Alpine Jacket

Womens Microlight Alpine Jacket overlay empty
Spruce/Peony Berry/ Tayberry Nightshade/ Horizon Lupin/Gargoyle Black/Tasman More Colours Available >

FROM: €234.00


Womens Lina Parka

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Dark Green Sunburst

WAS: €286.00

NOW FROM: €215.00


Womens Microlight Vest

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Gargoyle/Sargasso Nightshade/ Horizon Berry/Tayberry Aubergine/Quince Black/Tasman More Colours Available >

WAS: €156.00

NOW FROM: €110.00

The North Face

Womens Samy Down Jacket

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Navy TNF Black Fig Green

WAS: €351.00

NOW FROM: €233.00

The North Face

Womens Arctic Parka

Womens Arctic Parka overlay empty

WAS: €455.00

NOW: €324.00

The North Face

Women's Zaneck Parka

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WAS: €338.00

NOW: €247.00


Womens Cerium LT Hoody

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Violet Wine Pink Guava Boxcar Somerset Blue Fiesta More Colours Available >

WAS: €390.00

NOW FROM: €234.00


Womens Cerium LT Down Hoody

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Aegean Blue Black

WAS: €390.00

NOW FROM: €221.00


Womens Vega Parka

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Denim Melange Amaranth

WAS: €234.00

NOW FROM: €117.00


Womens Atom LT Hoody

Womens Atom LT Hoody overlay empty
Andromedae Pink Guava Castaway Somerset Blue Light Chandra More Colours Available >

WAS: €234.00

NOW FROM: €188.00


Womens Cerium LT Jacket

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Pink Tulip Black

WAS: €364.00

NOW FROM: €233.00


Womens Starboard Winter Coat

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WAS: €195.00

NOW: €116.00


Womens Grandeur Peak Long Jacket

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India Ink Pond

WAS: €130.00

NOW FROM: €77.00


Women's Atlas III Hooded Down Jacket

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Water Camo Print Navy

WAS: €156.00

NOW FROM: €90.00