Women's Vests (67 Products)

Versatile and durable as well as being warm and comfortable, our selection of vests are perfect for any outdoor excursion.


Womens Microlight Vest

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Nightshade/ Horizon Berry/Tayberry Aubergine/Quince Black/Tasman Gargoyle/Sargasso More Colours Available >


The North Face

Womens Nuptse 2 Vest

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Cosmic Blue TNF Black

WAS: €169.00

NOW FROM: €104.00

The North Face

Womens ThermoBall Vest

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TNF Black Donegal Print High Risk Red

WAS: €169.00

NOW FROM: €104.00


Womens Sweetness II Bodywarmer

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Lollipop Polar Bear Blackberry Wine Dark Cerise (Duchess) Atlantis More Colours Available >

FROM: €21.00


Womens Husky Vest

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WAS: €91.00

NOW: €64.00


Womens Bivy Hooded Down Vest

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WAS: €195.00

NOW: €116.00


Womens Singi Fleece Vest

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WAS: €111.00

NOW: €65.00


Womens Manaslu II Vest

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Amethyst Shadowed Navy/Bright Fuchsia Cerise Noire (Cherry Ripe Lining)

WAS: €143.00

NOW FROM: €72.00


Womens Power Stretch Vest

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WAS: €78.00

NOW: €59.00

Jack Wolfskin

Womens Activate Vest

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WAS: €91.00

NOW: €59.00


Women's Atlas III Down Vest

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WAS: €117.00

NOW: €77.00


Womens Blast Q Softshell Vest

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WAS: €169.00

NOW: €78.00

United By Blue

Womens Martel Wool Vest

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WAS: €156.00

NOW: €78.00


Womens Atom Vest

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WAS: €156.00

NOW: €90.00