Womens Softshell Trousers (37 Products)

Stylish, durable and versatile; our range of womens shorts, skirts and trousers have you covered for all outdoor activities.


Womens Kiwi Pro Stretch Trousers

Womens Kiwi Pro Stretch Trousers overlay empty
Mushroom Dark Navy Mid Khaki Black Graphite

WAS: €65.00

NOW FROM: €49.00


Womens Highland Pants

Womens Highland Pants overlay empty

WAS: €130.00

NOW: €65.00


Womens Bera Pants

Womens Bera Pants overlay empty

WAS: €130.00

NOW: €98.00

Jack Wolfskin

Womens Activate Pants

Womens Activate Pants overlay empty

WAS: €91.00

NOW: €46.00


Womens Col Q Pants

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Black True Black

WAS: €195.00

NOW: €59.00

Jack Wolfskin

Womens Manitoba Winter Pants

Womens Manitoba Winter Pants overlay empty
Night Blue Black

WAS: €117.00

NOW FROM: €59.00


Womens Scree Pants

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Poppy Black

WAS: €111.00

NOW FROM: €84.00


Womens Strathcona Pants

Womens Strathcona Pants overlay empty
Black Raisin Eclipse

WAS: €137.00

NOW FROM: €103.00


Womens Scopi Pants

Womens Scopi Pants overlay empty

WAS: €143.00

NOW: €108.00


Womens Badile Pants II

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Black Sailor Blue

WAS: €169.00

NOW FROM: €128.00


Womens Skarn Q Winter Pants

Womens Skarn Q Winter Pants overlay empty

WAS: €234.00

NOW: €176.00


Womens Alva Trousers

Womens Alva Trousers overlay empty

WAS: €104.00

NOW: €52.00

Jack Wolfskin

Womens Nucleon XT Pants

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Night Blue Dark Steel

WAS: €221.00

NOW FROM: €67.00

Jack Wolfskin

Womens Cloudburst Pants

Womens Cloudburst Pants overlay empty

WAS: €98.00

NOW: €73.00


Womens Krosso Neo Pants

Womens Krosso Neo Pants overlay empty

WAS: €156.00

NOW: €78.00


Womens Wintry Pants III

Womens Wintry Pants III overlay empty
Blue Sapphire Sailor Blue

WAS: €117.00

NOW FROM: €89.00


Womens Spry Pants

Womens Spry Pants overlay empty

WAS: €91.00

NOW: €46.00