Women's Waterproof Shell Jackets (444 Products)

Never let the weather stop you, kit yourself out with our range of women's waterproof jackets, trousers and accessories.


Womens Downpour Jacket

Womens Downpour Jacket overlay empty
Twilight Nightshade Coral Black Tasman More Colours Available >


The North Face

Womens Paradiso Jacket

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Amparo Blue Patriot Blue

WAS: €104.00

NOW: €104.00


Womens Thunder Jacket

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Evening Blue Mykonos Blue

WAS: €221.00

NOW FROM: €168.00


Womens Pack It Jacket II

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Midnight Vivid Viola Coral Blush Aqua

WAS: €39.00

NOW FROM: €25.00


Womens Atomic Jacket

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Siberian Green Dahlia/Inca Gold Antarctic Blue/French Berry Shadow

WAS: €156.00

NOW FROM: €116.00

The North Face

Womens Sangro Jacket

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Rabbit Grey Wood Violet Coastal Fjord Blue Heather Trellis Green Dusty Teal More Colours Available >

WAS: €143.00

NOW FROM: €111.00


Womens Stowaway Jacket

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Poppy Flower Print Lots of Dots Butterfly Print Cranberry Birds Print

WAS: €52.00

NOW FROM: €38.00

Jack Wolfskin

Womens Crosstown Raincoat

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Black Fiery Red White Sand Midnight Blue

WAS: €195.00

NOW FROM: €156.00


Womens Surge Jacket

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Saskatoon Berry Monbretia Orange Zanskia Blue

WAS: €390.00

NOW FROM: €286.00


Womens Thelma Coat

Womens Thelma Coat overlay empty

WAS: €208.00

NOW: €142.00


Womens Stormcloud Jacket

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Evening Blue Quarry Tillandsia Purple Wine Tasting Mykonos Blue

WAS: €117.00

NOW FROM: €72.00

The North Face

Womens Stratos Jacket

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New Taupe Green Darkest Spruce

WAS: €169.00

NOW FROM: €99.00


Womens Zeta AR Jacket

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Lt Chandra Passion Pink Lt Oceanus Black

WAS: €468.00

NOW FROM: €363.00

The North Face

Womens Dryzzle Jacket

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Deep Garnet Red TNF Black

WAS: €221.00

NOW FROM: €129.00