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The 21st century campfire

Free fuel? Free heat? Free electricity? Sounds too good to be true? Not with the BioLite CampStove.

A truly ingenious idea, the CampStove brings the campfire into the 21st century. It burns twigs, bark, pinecones or any other biomass that you can muster while you're out and about. Excess heat from the fierce little flame generates electricity via a thermoelectric generator to power a fan that creates airflow for improved combustion, greater efficiency and less smoke. It can be used with the BioLite Portable Grill and the BioLite KettlePot.

As well as running the fan, the generator produces enough spare electricty to send to a USB port that will charge your phone, MP3 player, LED lights or other electrical gadgets.

You can boil a litre of water in under five minutes (depending on the strength of the fire, of course) and a twenty minute burn provides enough mobile phone charge for an hour's talk time. All this in a unit that weights less than a kilo.

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Product Features

  • Fuel: Renewable biomass (twigs, pinecones, wood pellets, etc.)
  • Fuel consumption: 46g wood (approx.) to boil 1l water
  • Boil time: 4.5min approx. for 1l water
  • Charging time: 20min charge will give approx. 1hr smartphone talk time
  • Size: 21 x 12.7cm
  • Weight: 935g
  • Included:
    • Firelighter
    • Stuffsack
    • USB cord (for charging internal battery)

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8 Customer reviews for this product

Reviewed By samuel, 14 Feb 2015

got a biolite 3 days ago and it is amazing douse what it sed on the tin. grate for cooking and charges my phone at the same time. amazing



Reviewed By John, 11 Aug 2014

Awesome bit of kit. From cold to cooking in 3 minutes! Fan keeps the burn clean and complete with very little ash left and turns it in to a mini blast furnace that charges the phone up after it reaches temperature which again is in 3-4 mins. Add the grill and can't see why you'd want anything else to cook on!



Biolite Camp Stove
Reviewed By Kevin, 24 Oct 2013

Cotswold do what they say on the tin!!
2 day from order to deliver, fantastic
The camp stove is amazing, expert craftsmanship and design, a very well thought out product



Amazing Product, Impressive Capabilities!
Reviewed By Sam, 14 Sep 2013

This stove is a huge leap forward in camping technologies! I saw it in a Cotswold store and thought it was a great idea, although I didn't believe it would actually work as well as it suggested. I did some research and eventually purchased my own BioLite CampStove. I didn't think much of it when I first used it at home, but whilst using it on my Bronze D of E expedition it suddenly showed it's true value. It boiled the water we needed for our tea in less than a third of the time that a conventional gas burner did! (impressive on it's own), however it actually managed to charge my mobile at the same time!

It's value improved even more when the next morning we discovered that the gas burner we used the night before was out of gas! A disaster normally, not with a BioLite though, it saved us! All we needed to do was collect the organic fuel supply and within half an hour our breakfast was made.

So, in all it was a brilliant fall back, but that underrates the stove, it will now be used as my primary cooking stove. It does weigh quite a bit but when you realise you don't carry fuel it actually cancels out and makes any other method of cooking look old fashioned.



Great stove free fuel
Reviewed By Chris , 31 May 2013

Just got this stove tested it & works a treat got some water out a river & twigs off the ground & a few pine cones boiled my water for a coffee in three mins was most impressed & best of all it charged up my iPhone this is a must have gadget for all Trekkers off the beaten track miles from the shops & run out of gas no problem if you have this stove thanks cotsworlds for an brilliant item



Amazing product
Reviewed By , 16 May 2013

I have never seen anything work so much better than expected. This tiny stove lights so easily with its own fan and within a few minutes is hot enough to boil my kettle very quickly just using a few little twigs. Also it became hot enough to charge with the USB within five or ten minutes. Importantly it cooled incredibly fast in well less than half an hour so it can be packed up again to travel. Honestly this is a wonderful product and the big price is to help with development of products for third world countries where fuel is so hard to obtain. The staff at Knightsbridge store were brilliant and explained very quickly how it worked and I haven't look back.



A viable stove / charger with no fuel to carry
Reviewed By Roland, 29 Dec 2012

An intriguing idea – eco-friendly stove with power. So I got one yesterday and went wooding to try it this morning. Having been a very wet winter I was able to find dryish dead wood, but it was not the perfect conditions in which you can supposedly boil 1L water in 4.5min !

Pros :
• Eco friendly (and you are supporting biolite’s work in developing countries).
• No fuel to carry (this is a big advantage) and consequently no problems taking it on an aeroplane if you are camping abroad.
• Power to charge small USB devices. It needs to be running well to get sufficient heat to generate the power to charge, but when it is in charge mode it was doing almost as quick a job of my smart phone as my mains powered charger. I got it charging within 10min of firing up. Charging a smartphone takes a lot of power so it doesn’t charge all the time, I assume when it is not charging the phone it is recharging it’s internal battery (think Toyota Prius and how that flicks between running on petrol and battery).
• Easy to light, surprisingly. I thought it may be difficult in the bottom of a tin, but with some decent kindling (very fine twigs and silver birch bark) I got it going with one match.
• When the fire is running sweetly this is one of the most powerful stoves I have used, up there with a large (2pt) paraffin primus, and leaving my trangia, small petrol primus and camping-gaz stoves for dust. It also seemed efficient with little heat going out of the sides (shame, I was cold and could have done with warming my hands on it). In fact the electrics seemed to run best with a pot on top keeping heat in, with no pot on it seemed to have longer intervals between charging my phone than with a pot on (so keep brewing tea).
• The container did not fill with ash as quickly as I feared, you could probably run for a few hours before having to empty out the ash.
• It is very stable, my 7” pot felt secure.
• The feet did not get hot, and the electric unit stayed cool (just keep it up wind).
• The sales person in the shop was dubious about the size and weight. It weighs less than a litre of fuel, and is less bulky than a couple of small cans of camping gas.
• No need for wooding tools (axe, saw) if you cannot snap it with your bare hands the wood is too big for the stove.

Cons :
• Wood can be a smoky / smelly fuel – as my wood was damp and not a perfect fire wood e.g. oak (to be honest not quite sure what it was due to the lack of leaves, possibly horse chestnut) my fire was smoky to start with (but with a lid on the pot this didn’t taint my water and my wife was quite happy with the cup of tea I took to her in bed!). It did soot my pot badly (so the trick here is to cover the base with a thin film of washing up liquid before use as this makes it much easier to clean after).
• The fire can be tricky to maintain – here a classic stove with pumped fuel wins ! The stove ran best on thin twigs (~5mm was best, and definitely no more than 10mm). I almost put the fire out a couple of times by either smothering it with too many twigs or leaving it too long without adding more wood (e.g. 2 min to go and get the cups and tea bags was about as long as I’d want to be away from it). The real challenge is you cannot see the fire under the pot so you are constantly having to lift the pot and add a couple of twigs at a time (wood takes a bit of heat to dry / drive off the resin before it burns clean and hot – even wood which ‘cracks’ when snapping but has been exposed to rain and damp winter air consumes energy before it gives off energy).
• It took a long time to condition the battery – more than the 6h claimed on my 850mA phone charger, but on a 2A tablet charger it was quick. The time to condition did not relate linearly to charger power. But that said, there was enough in the battery out of the box that you could use it at a push without conditioning the battery.

It is well built. I suspect the mesh outer will dent if rammed in a rucksack which is thrown around / sat on, but that should not impact performance. However if the electrics / fan were to pack up you would be stuck – the fire really needs the fan to burn efficiently – here a simpler mechanical device might be better if your life depends on your stove (but you could always revert to an open wood fire !).

The price in the UK is more than in the USA but add tax and postage and it is fair. Look at what transducers cost and the price for the electronics is reasonable.

So why buy one ? After all, you could just cook on an open wood fire or buy a cheaper alternative fuel stove ? It is eco friendly (wood is renewable). It is more efficient than an open fire (uses much less wood) and no need to clear the ground / turf first. It gives you electricity (and lets face it you normally stop to cook in the evening when a solar charger doesn’t work well in the UK). There is no fuel to carry (unless you are at an altitude above the tree line). It is more than a novelty toy – it is a viable camping stove. But before you head into the wilderness make sure you practice how to light and tend to a fire in this fan assisted baked bean tin !



What a fantastic addition to the rucksack!
Reviewed By G, 23 Dec 2012

I read up a little about it before buying and was quite intrigued, it had quite a few promises but was a bit skeptical about whether it would actually deliver... Got it home, gave it a little test run and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! The power it produced was more than ample to charge my phone and run light but the fan that circulates the air in the chamber was brilliant, barely any smoke and kept flame running strong even when there wasn't much fuel.
Can be tricky to light as it is quite deep and finding a source of small dry kindle may be tricky dependent on where you are going - you may need quite a bit of it as well. Acorns were also suggested to me but haven't had a chance to try that yet.
For what it does it is very compact and portable but still a little more to carry than some gas stoves.
Highly recommended - heat, light, cooking and electricity in one!



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