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  • Ultra White / Green


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When you need bright, reliable light in the worst conditions, the fully waterproof Black Diamond Storm offers up 100 lumens of illumination for spotting abseil anchors, lighting up the trail...or changing a wheel on a night-time country road. Lighting needs to be hands free in all kinds of situations!

In addition to versatile proximity, distance and strobe modes, the Storm is fitted with two red LEDs to preserve night vision and, importantly, they activate without have to first cycle through the white-light mode. Black Diamond have also included a lock mode to stop accidental battery drain when the lamp is stored in your pack. When you really have to see what you're doing is not when you want to discover that your batteries need changing.

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Product Features

  • Weight: 110g (with batteries)
  • Batteries: 4 x AAA
  • 1 x TriplePower LED
  • 4 SinglePower LEDs (2 white, 2 red)
  • Output:
    • 100 lumens
    • 70m max. beam (TriplePower LED); 25m max. beam (2 SinglePower LEDs)
  • Max battery life: 50 hours (TriplePower LED); 125 hours (2 SinglePower LEDs)
  • IPX7 waterproof rating

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2 Customer reviews for this product

Super bright head torch.
Reviewed By David, 22 Sep 2013

Purchased after advice from Cotswold staff, I was looking for a head torch that would enable me to continue my running through the dark winter nights, available in 3 colours I chose the white light with green straps, colour wasn't a priority as being used after dark, there are several lighting modes dependant on how much light you require, A main beam giving out 100 lumens is plenty to see the trail ahead after dark, once back into street lights then you can switch over to a lower output which is useful if in the company of others or reading as the main bulb would be too bright, infrared is also another option and you can also change to strobe mode, one feature I like is the lock out mode by holding the button for 6 seconds will stop it being turned on by accident in your kit bag, hold for a further 6 seconds to reset back
to normal. The strap is very comfortable, even with the battery pack at the front and becomes unnoticeable after a few minutes use, Uses 4xAAA batteries supplied. Totally waterproof gives off plenty of light, also when turned on shows battery power indicator from green, amber to red, batteries last up to 50hrs.



A very bright torch
Reviewed By Andrew, 19 May 2013

This was purchased to replace a cheaper and smaller head torch. A side from the fact that it is white its fine. There are a selection of modes, spot, wide, flashing, red & white. A useful option is the ability to dim the light, whilst lighthouse mode is great for outside a softer option is good for indoor use. Well worth the money, the design is a bit 'blocky' but it works very well. It is supposed to be waterproof to 1m for 30 minutes but I haven't tried that one yet.