FAMILY CAMPING - Sunny days, starry nights and loads of great stories


What makes a quality family camping tent?

There’s no better way to escape from the hustle and bustle of your working week than packing the car full of gear and heading out into the countryside for a weekend camping. Some of our best childhood memories are formed on these trips; playing outdoors all day, wrapping your hands round a hot mug of tea or roasting marshmallows by the camp fire.

Whatever camping memory it is you treasure it’s a gift we all want to pass onto our kids and ideally not spoilt by the kit you take with you.

At Cotswold Outdoor we work with trusted manufacturers that continue to research and develop the latest technologies, so we can bring you the best, most comprehensive range of quality tents. Small features can make all the difference to the success of your camping trip, such as, opting for a quick pitch tent for a short stay or even detachable bedroom dividers.

Which tent features matter?

By familiarising yourself with all the features to look out for, you can confidently find the tent that is right for you.

  • Adjustable pegging points
    Adjustable pegging points

    Adjustable pegging points allow you to tension the tent properly on uneven ground.

  • Mesh screens
    Mesh screens

    Mesh screens aid ventilation whilst keeping out those irritating evening bugs.

  • Sewn in groundsheet
    Sewn in groundsheet

    A tent with a sewn in bath tub groundsheet is an effective way of reducing drafts, keeping creepy crawlies at bay and preventing rainwater from getting your kit wet.

  • Ventilation panels
    Ventilation panels

    High and low level ventilation panels create a flow of air through the tent for camping in warmer climates and will help reduce condensation.

  • Detachable divider
    Detachable divider

    A detachable divider gives a quick and easy option of creating two separate rooms.

  • Heavy duty zips
    Heavy duty zips

    Sturdy, free running, heavy duty zips and zip pullers make all the difference to aid quick access to and from the tent.

  • Guy lines
    Guy lines

    Reflective or luminous guy lines prevent you from tripping over them in the dark. Also look out for easily adjustable guy lines to batten down the hatches in strong winds.

  • Hanging loops
    Hanging loops

    Hanging loops are great for attaching lanterns to aid visibility when the daylight fades.

  • Dark inner fabric
    Dark inner fabric

    Darker inner fabric reduces the amount of early morning light shining through, so you can get a little more shut eye whilst you’re away.

  • Inner pocket storage
    Inner pocket storage

    Inner pockets provide storage for your essentials and help to keep floor space clear of clutter.

  • Tent poles
    Tent poles

    Tent poles are typically made from fibreglass, aluminium, steel or even air (using AirBeam technology). Each tent will have the optimised pole type for its use whether you’re looking for lightweight and ease of pitching or strength and durability.

  • Identically sized poles
    Identically sized poles

    Identically sized poles can avoid pitching confusion.

  • Reinforced patches
    Reinforced patches

    Reinforced patches on stress points enhance durability.

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