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Care Plus Venimex is an automatic venom extractor that can remove the venom of bites and stings before the poison spreads through your body and irritation sets in. It can be used after bites from spiders and snakes, or after stings from bees, wasps, scorpions and stinging fish.

To operate the extractor, you fit one of the suction cups onto the end of the vacuum pump, place the cup over the bite or sting and then simply activate the pump to remove the venom. The suction power of the pump is 803mbar (when the small suction cap is used). It can be operated with a single hand and without the aid of another person, making it suitable for solo journeys. It is also suitable for use on children.

Please read the supplied instructions carefully before using this product.

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Product Features

  • Extracts venom from bites and stings
  • Consists of vacuum pump and two different suction caps
  • Extensive instructions included
  • Size: 60 x 45 x 155 mm
  • Weight: 145g

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