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Suspension & Mini Suspension Combo

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Full size and pocket size: a great set of multi tools to keep you prepared for anything. With a design inspired by the space frame shapes of the bridges in Gerber's hometown of Portland, Oregon, the Suspension is tough, lightweight multi tool built around a pair of sprung, comfortable-handling pliers. As well as the pliers with their pinch action wire cutters, a lockable assortment of cutting tools, openers and drivers are housed in the handles, and the whole kit and caboodle is housed in a ballistic nylon sheath. Job done. Once you're used to having a multi tool, life can seem pretty difficult without one! To that end, the Suspension is complemented by the keyring sized Mini Suspension. Similarly built around sprung, folding pliers, the Mini Suspension features a stripped down set of essential tools for day-to-day tasks, but folds down to a length of just 6.5cm.

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Christmas Offers (1  Products)