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Pebble Smartstick Phone Charger

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What's a Pebble Smartstick? Glad you asked. It's a really neat way to carry around spare electricity to power your phone. It comes ready-charged with enough power to charge most smartphones so it's ready to go, straight out of the box. Just pop it in your bag (or your jacket pocket) until you need it. Simple as that: you needn't worry about your phone running out of juice ever again. It recharges via USB, so you can keep it topped up pretty much anywhere. The Smartstick is fitted with a USB output, which makes it interchangeable between loads of different devices, so you can power most popular electronic gizmos. As well as that, it comes with a USB cable and interchangeable charging tips so, if you'd rather not have to remember to always take your cable with you just in case, you can just keep the whole kit and caboodle in your bag for when you need it - it's certainly small and light enough to not worry about it taking up space! So, what's a Pebble Smartstick? It's pretty much indispensible.

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Under £25 (1  Products)