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The Belay Master is a mid-size HMS with a large rope radius and soft angles on the top bar. An integral plastic clip prevents crossloading, increasing the safety of the belay system, and it works well with most belay devices.

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Product Features

  • Lightweight, I Beam back construction
  • Clean nose
  • Gate opening: 20mm
  • Strength:
    • Gate open: 8kN
    • Gate closed: 25kN
    • Minor axis: 10kN
  • Weight: 93g

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10 Customer reviews for this product

Strong, durable and idiot-proof
Reviewed By Sam, 01 Oct 2013

Simplest thing in the world, if the black gate guard doesn't clip in, the karabiner is not screwed up..
Excellent for teaching beginners or reminding weathered veterans not to forget the basics. The Karabiner it's self seems extremely strong and has worn well in the 3 years i've been using this model for belaying with a plate or a grigri (i deliberately swapped the Karabiners so i always used this one until i eventually bought another 2 they were that good)



Really useful krab
Reviewed By V, 07 Aug 2013

The belay master works really well to prevent cross loading whilst belaying. It's also really handy as you can see at a glance that it is properly locked as it's impossible to snap the arm down is the screw gate isn't closed.
It's a bit annoying that you can't just store it on your harness without locking it but otherwise I can't find fault with it.



Great bit of kit!
Reviewed By Thomas, 13 Jun 2013

Another great bit of kit from DMM. The build quality and usability is second to none. The plastic clip to prevent crossloading is a great safety feature. Would highly recommend this product.



An added ounce of safety
Reviewed By Jonathan, 18 May 2013

Good, solid, dependable, reasonably lightweight belay biner.

It must be said that taking it on and off is a little faffy but the extra safety it provides is a great trade off.

The fact that you can visually see that the gate is done up due to the plastic clip not locking if it isn't is very reassuring. This coupled with the fact that crossloading is nigh on impossible, I can keep my eyes on the climber and everything is a little more safe.



Safety's finest asset!
Reviewed By Charlotte, 24 Mar 2013

In terms of belay krabs, this is by far the best I have ever used. The belay master has many of uses mainly to stop cross loading but also allows a smooth operation of the rope. However, for me personally I find two very positive impacts it has.

1 - when taking a group climbing I always do the krab squeeze test to ensure the krab is screwed up correctly. This means doing a physical check each time the threesome is ready to climb. Although this is added safety, it can become quite tedious. However the belay master 11 will not close unless the screwgate is correctly tightened, allowing me to do a visual check.

2 - due to the nature of lead climbing, there is often a healthy amount of slack in the rope. Because of this the belay device becomes more relaxed and often causes a cross loading accident. Previously I have constantly taken my eye of the climber to ensure I am not cross loading. However, once again thanks to DMM I am able to keep an eye on my climber with the comfort of knowing that cross loading will not occur.



Amazingly well designed karabiner
Reviewed By Helen, 23 Sep 2012

I'm using my Belay Master karabiner with a traditional Petzl Corax harness and a Wild Country VC II belay plate.

This karabiner will not crossload whatever you do with this combination. It is quick and easy to attach and clip in the safety guard. The profile of the HMS section of the karabiner gives particularly smooth control of the rope when belaying. The safety guard makes it quick and easy to do a buddy check and ensure the belayer is properly done up because the clip will not engage unless the karabiner is properly screwed up tight.

My climbing partner Anna usually favours a Grigri for belaying, but found my Belay Master and VC II combination even better for control when we spent a day at The Barn in Devon recently.

An additional benefit from the safety guard is that when racking the karabiner and belay plate on the side of your harness, out of use, the safety guard holds the belay plate in a raised position so it is not dangling quite so much from the rack. So making things a bit tidier.



Foolproof krabs.
Reviewed By Alex, 07 Apr 2012

These add an element of safety and are good value. A no-brainer then.



problem when used with Black Diamond ATC guide
Reviewed By kieran, 01 Oct 2011

The wire loop on the belay device keeps popping open the plastic "anti cross loading clip" when tension comes on the rope during top rope belaying .



Fantastic Bit of Kit to prevent Crossloading
Reviewed By Carl, 20 May 2011

DMM have done it again, creating a device that solves one of my annoying problems, cross loading when belaying using an older style harness. Combined with the extra safety feature of forcing the karabiner to be screw locked it takes all of the worries away. It is fantastic product a great addition to my kit.



Must have gear.
Reviewed By Ruairi, 09 May 2011

Having recently started climbing regularly, and getting to grips with the correct use of equipment and the safety procedures involved, I bought a Belay Master.
I have found that it is a very useful bit of equipment, making sure that the belayer has correctly tightened the screwgate and creating a safety test in it's self.
I am very happy with my Belay Master.