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VC Pro II Belay/Synergy Lite Set

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Perfect Partners! VC Pro 2 belay device and Synergy Lite karabiner set VC PRO 2 Re-worked from the very successful VC Pro, the VC Pro 2 has been designed to extend its range of uses to complement the diverse activities of the modern climber - and is more adaptable across a wider range of disciplines. The new VC Pro 2 with has be re-modelled to give its 'V' grooves even more belaying ‘bite’ to deal with the even thinner cords arriving on the scene. And internally it has also been re-radiused to make a smoother payout on fatter cords - making gym life easier. But it keeps the same simple organic shape, and ease of use that make this a modern belay device that is truly confidence inspiring. SYNERGY LITE SCREWGATE KARABINER A great combination biner with any belay device and easier to clip into slings due to its Keylock nose, the Synergy Lite is a great all rounder. Another bestselling classic, our baby HMS gets a hot forged facelift, smoother lines and a Keylock nose for extra versatility. all rounder. Staying shaped like a true HMS the rounded top stays suitable for Munter hitch if needed and the weight comes down to make it an even more attractive package.

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