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DSP Sport Transiever

If you are planning to go off-piste this season make sure you are prepared should the worst happen. The DSP Sport Transceiver from Pieps can help you find and be found in the case of an avalanche or other emergency. Time is of the essence during a burial scenario so make sure you know what to do and more importantly, but often taken for granted, how to do it. It is important that each member of your group has a transceiver in order to get the most out of it in a difficult situation. It is a small and lightweight device that can be carried underneath your shell in a protective carry pouch that allows you quick and easy access should you need it in an emergency. It is powered by three AAA batteries which should last a minimum of 200hours when it is on send mode. In the event that you need to find somebody who is also carrying a transceiver it will give you direction and an approximate distance to their transceiver until you find them; probably shaken up but hopefully alive and well.

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Avalanche Safety (1 Products)