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Fabsil Silicone Waterproofer 2.5L

Granger's Fabsil is a highly effective silicone-based water repellent treatment for all kinds of tent, tarpaulin, canopies and awning fabrics. It dries to an odourless and colourless finish. UV treatment will extend the life and performance of tent fabrics. One litre will cover upto 18m2 of nylon, 7.5m2 of light weight canvas and 5m2 of medium weight canvas. A light 2 person tent is approx 6m2. To use Fabsil, apply with a clean paintbrush using long, even strokes. Lightly rub in any droplets that form with soft, clean cloth, then allow to completely dry naturally before exposure to rain or dew.

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Tents (1  Products)