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Gourmet, freshly brewed coffee, anywhere.

If you want to take proper coffee with you on the hill, you could take a packet of coffee and a coffee pot...or you could take a packet of coffee which IS a coffee pot! A fiendishly simple idea, the Grower's Cup Coffee Pouch contains ground coffee within a filter bag (like you'd find in boil-in-the-bag rice) suspended in the upper portion of the pouch. Simply pour hot water into the top, stand it on its flared base, and the brewed coffee filters down into the bottom of the pouch. Then you just pour through the spout in the side of the pouch. It's that simple: pour the water in, leave it to brew, pour the coffee out!

It's not all about the ingenuity of the design though: Grower's Cup have carefully selected an exclusive range of the finest coffees from around the world and combined them in an exciting menu, full of taste-experiences. All the coffees are single estate grown� or from named cooperatives, which means that each coffee has a unique flavour and aroma. The berries are hand-picked, hand-sorted, and slow roasted at Grower's Cup's own micro-roastery, where they find the perfect roasting-profile to enhance the coffee's unique character, guaranteeing an exceptional coffee experience.

As long as you've got hot water, with a Grower's Cup Coffee Pouch you can enjoy hassle free, gourmet coffee anywhere.

Please note: cup shown is for illustration purposes only!

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Product Features

  • Weight: 45g (net weight: 24g)
  • Brews 500ml of coffee
  • Brewing time:
    • Mild: 4-5 min
    • Strong: 8-9 min

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4 Customer reviews for this product

Not really worth the money
Reviewed By LJ, 12 Apr 2014

If you are dripping cash and like mediocre coffee, by all means by some.

I really can't be positive about these. I bought a couple to try out and found that the coffee was quite stale and unexciting. Also, you get LESS than a pint out of one of these sachets, and they are incredibly unstable, so unless you have a nice flat rock or treestump and no wind at all, you are likely to see it spilling out over the ground.

Frankly I get better results just pouring near-boiling water over standard coffee grounds in my cookpot, stirring and leaving a couple of minutes, then transferring to my mug taking care not to disturb the grounds which, if you are careful, will have dropped to the bottom. I must confess that most of the time I just make it with the grounds in my mug and not drinking the last mouthfull.

Not recommended.



Great coffee, great value
Reviewed By Matt, 10 Dec 2013

We used a pouch of this coffee each morning with breakfast for 3 days backpacking along the Cornish coast. Both simple to brew and very light to carry in our packs, we were very happy to get two good sized cups out from each pouch. This tastes better than instant and removes any hassle of carrying a cafetiere.



Good Tasting Coffee
Reviewed By Calum, 23 Jul 2013

I had the Bolivian blend and tasted very good - we managed to pour two decent mugs of coffee from the packet. The packet is light and takes up no room at all - however, since the coffee is brewed in the packet it becomes heavy after use, which is a pain if you have to carry your litter after use. We had to squeeze the packet quite hard to drain a lot of the water out.

A good product for occasional use but I wouldn't carry them on any backpacking/cycling journeys.



Stale stale stale
Reviewed By paul, 09 Jun 2013

I bought 2 of each flavour, and over the course of a 3 day trip out, I tried one of each. That's all I could manage, because the coffee was as stale as if it had been loosly spread on a Morrocan souks roof for several loooooong hot months.
The best thing you could do with these pouches, is empty them out and refill just before you are due to leave. But why bother? Simply spend £10-£15 on a jetfoil coffee plunger( if you own a jetfoil, which anyone who has any sense does) and save on weight and rubbish!
Over all I think they are overly extravagant and not a cheap one either. Avoid!



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