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Lightweight and versatile this folding stove uses solid fuel tablets and is ideal for emergencies or if you want a quick brew on the hill.

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Has its good points as well as bad points...
Reviewed By Chris, 20 Jun 2012

I give this a 3-star rating as its good and bad, this is largly based on the circumstances you find your self in at the time.

Good Points -

This highlander solid fuel cooker or as i know it 'hexi-cooker' is great for the fact it is lightweight and small so you can fit it into the tiny spaces in your backpack while being able to pull it out quickly and easily. It also holds the fuel inside the cooker itself which helps to save on space and with the feul being in a solid it is a safer alternatve to pressurised gas bottles which could explode if left in the sun or dropped etc. This cooker CAN be easy to light as you light the fuel just like a firelighter, and it is also easy to set up as you just lift out the sides and your done, no messing about.

Bad Points -

Like i said the circumstances make this good or bad, in bad weather this cooker is a no go, in stong winds it can be very difficult to get lit as there is no wind protection build into the stove, this makes the fuel go out alot, this also occurs with rain. Also the fuel is very waxy and it isnt nice when its on your fingers after using it, after a while it can get quite messy. The weather is the main issue with this cooker.

I advise this cooker if its going to be used on a daytrip on an 'OK' day weather wise, no like heavy rainfall or anything as it will function great in this circumstance, however for a long backpacking trip i dont think its worth it. I have had experience with these as i did some military training a few years ago, since then i have taken part in my duke of edinburgh gold award and have had the pleasure of using a trangia, a stove which is much more expensive but offers alot of benefits to this.