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Explore great savings on a range of clothing and footwear in our mid-season sale...

Jack Wolfskin

Womens North Ridge Jacket

Womens North Ridge Jacket overlay empty
Night Blue/Phantom Flamingo/Midnight Blue Spring Green

WAS: €120.00

NOW FROM: €78.00


Womens Surge Jacket

Womens Surge Jacket overlay empty
Saskatoon Berry Black Monbretia Orange Zanskia Blue

WAS: €360.00

NOW FROM: €264.00


Womens Rover Low Shoe

Womens Rover Low Shoe overlay empty

WAS: €60.00

NOW: €30.00

Kari Traa

Women's Rose Pants

Women's Rose Pants overlay empty
Wine Nsea Ebony

WAS: €90.00

NOW FROM: €60.00


Womens Aiglentine Fur Welly

Womens Aiglentine Fur Welly overlay empty

WAS: €132.00

NOW: €66.00

Jack Wolfskin

Womens Crosstown Raincoat

Womens Crosstown Raincoat overlay empty
Black White Sand

WAS: €180.00

NOW FROM: €144.00


Womens Microlight Alpine Jacket

Womens Microlight Alpine Jacket overlay empty
Lupin/Gargoyle Spruce/Peony Berry/ Tayberry Nightshade/ Horizon Black/Tasman More Colours Available >

WAS: €216.00

NOW FROM: €156.00


Womens Saturday Trail Long Shorts

Womens Saturday Trail Long Shorts overlay empty
India Ink Fossil Medieval Coral Black More Colours Available >

WAS: €46.00

NOW FROM: €30.00

The North Face

Womens Nuptse Tent Mule III

Womens Nuptse Tent Mule III overlay empty
Knotty knit Print Rabbit Grey Swashed Print/Nine Iron Grey TNF Black Jumbo Herringbone Print / Surf Green Shiny Astral Aura Blue / Radiance Purple

WAS: €46.00

NOW FROM: €23.00


Womens Straight Jeans

Womens Straight Jeans overlay empty

WAS: €90.00

NOW: €60.00


Womens San Francisco GTX Shoe

Womens San Francisco GTX Shoe overlay empty

WAS: €150.00

NOW: €83.00


Womens Enoki Twist Sandal

Womens Enoki Twist Sandal overlay empty

WAS: €84.00

NOW: €59.00


Womens Extrem Micro Jacket

Womens Extrem Micro Jacket overlay empty
Ski Patrol Black

WAS: €228.00

NOW FROM: €144.00


Womens Mountain Sock

Womens Mountain Sock overlay empty

WAS: €27.00

NOW: €15.00


Womens Stormcloud Jacket

Womens Stormcloud Jacket overlay empty
Evening Blue Tile Blue Quarry Tillandsia Purple Wine Tasting More Colours Available >

WAS: €117.00

NOW FROM: €66.00


Womens XA Pro 3D Shoe

Womens XA Pro 3D Shoe overlay empty
Tonic Green/Lucite Green/Mystic Purple Grape/Flame/Acai Deep Peacock/Black/Ablue Blue Jay/Black/Deep Dalhia Light Onix/Light Onix/Igloo Blue More Colours Available >

WAS: €120.00

NOW FROM: €83.00


Women's Atlas III Hooded Down Jacket

Women's Atlas III Hooded Down Jacket overlay empty
Water Camo Print Afterglow Navy

WAS: €144.00

NOW FROM: €69.00


Womens Comet 3D GTX Boot

Womens Comet 3D GTX Boot overlay empty

WAS: €174.00

NOW: €119.00


Womens Wanderer Mid WP Boot

Womens Wanderer Mid WP Boot overlay empty
Gargoyle/Zinfandel Raven/Bright Chartreuse Chili Pepper/Gargoyle

WAS: €144.00

NOW FROM: €95.00

Helly Hansen

Womens Dry Original Top

Womens Dry Original Top overlay empty
Sunburned Purple Magenta Winter Aqua

WAS: €36.00

NOW FROM: €22.00


Womens Atom LT Hoody

Womens Atom LT Hoody overlay empty
Cerulean Pink Guava Castaway Somerset Blue Light Chandra More Colours Available >

WAS: €228.00

NOW FROM: €228.00

The North Face

Womens Nuptse 2 Vest

Womens Nuptse 2 Vest overlay empty
Cosmic Blue TNF Black

WAS: €156.00

NOW FROM: €96.00


Womens Vegas GTX Shoe

Womens Vegas GTX Shoe overlay empty

WAS: €150.00

NOW: €107.00


Womens Bandera II WP Boot

Womens Bandera II WP Boot offer
Cornflower/Sprout Charcoal/Graphite/Blossom

WAS: €60.00

NOW FROM: €35.00


Womens Speedcross 3 Shoe

Womens Speedcross 3 Shoe overlay empty
Darkness Blue/Boss Blue/Lucite Green Light Onix / Topaz Blue / Dark Cloud Black/Black/Silver Metallic-x Light Onix/Dark Cloud/Dark Azure Blue Azurin Blue/Fog Blue/Radiant Red

WAS: €120.00

NOW FROM: €59.00


Womens Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe

Womens Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe overlay empty
Trail Heather Snow/Stealth Gritstone heather Black Magenta

WAS: €78.00

NOW FROM: €42.00


Womens Q2 Ultralight Boot

Womens Q2 Ultralight Boot overlay empty

WAS: €144.00

NOW: €95.00