Rab, For the most extreme conditions in the world

Since 1981, Rab have been devloping gear so you can conquer some of the most challenging peaks on the planet.

Our range of Rab gear has everything you need to get out there and tackle the mountains. Every item designed by Rab has been carefully considered to meet the high expectations of world class mountaineers. This means it will perform just as well out on the hill as it will around town, giving you the confidence to take on any adventure, no matter how small.

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Over 30 years of innovation

As with many great brands, there is often a brain behind the brilliance, and in the case of Rab, this brain is Rab Carrington.

In 1981 Rab Carrington used his extensive experience from technical and bold lightweight first ascents, to create down clothing and sleeping bags of the very best quality to cope in the most demanding conditions in the world. Today, this ethos lives on in every item of Rab clothing. Every bit of it is considered, looking at every detail to enable it to perform when it needs to the most.

Watch this video of an interview with Rab Carrington himself talking about the changes in technology and mountaineering over the years.

Tried and tested technologies

Rab are renowned for creating some of the lightest outdoor gear around that still performs to world class standards. It is this dedication that leads them to pursue and hunt out the very best technologies available.

Rab want to offer the very best possible gear out there and this means testing. Working with a global network of athletes, Rab designers ensure that every item is put through it's paces and is able to live up to the tagline "For the most extreme conditions in the world". Watch this video to find out how Rab test their technologies.

Wide Boyz

WideBoyz is a Rab sponsored film all about offwidth crack climbing. This type of climbing is truly gruelling and you’ve got to be tough to tackle it. The film follows two climbers Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall as they explore this fascinating climbing sub-culture.

From a two year training regime in a Sheffeild basement, the pair embark on an epic tour of the USA including aiming to tackle Century Crack, the worlds hardest offwidth.

This video contains strong language