Tips for choosing your daypack

1. Choose the right pack for your activity
We offer many different daysacks, but some packs offer features that are designed for certain activities. For example, snowsports packs often have attachment points for your skis or snowboard, whereas some climbing packs will have a rope compressor and even ice-axe loops, but fewer pockets that could snag on the rockface. Multiactivity packs are great if you enjoy a range of activities.

2. Ventilation to keep you cool
If you don't like getting a sweaty back or intend to use your pack in hot weather, make sure you get a pack with a mesh back system that encourages air flow around your back.

3. Volume is everything
The volume of a pack is measured in litres and packs range from about 10 to 100 litres. For a day out on the hill, you might want between 20 and 40 litres depending on how much you want to take with you and how cold it is (the colder the weather, the more layers you will need to take with you).

4. Support is essential
The bigger the load, the more support you will need. Choosing a pack with a hip belt means you can support more weight on your hips so that your shoulders do not have to take the full weight.

5. Snacks and drinks on the go
Look out for small pockets on the hip belt and sides - these are ideal for stashing snacks so that you can keep your energy levels up. Mesh side pockets are great for storing your water bottle so that it is accessible at all times.

6. Travelling fast and light
We do offer some ultralight rucksacks which are ideal for adventure racing and biking - many of the lightweight packs are hydration compatible, meaning that you can add a water bladder into the pack for hydration on the move.

Rucksack features