There are many factors to consider when choosing the right pair of boots, so let our highly-trained and knowledgeable staff help you get a perfect fit for years of walking adventures in comfort!

This service is FREE in all of our stores, so why not pop in. Our stores can sometimes be very busy, so you might want to call ahead to book an appointment, just in case. Once you have found your perfect boot, if you need to bring them back for any further tweaking, feel free: that’s all part of the service.

Why should I get my boots fitted?

  • 1

    It is a FREE expert service
    At every store, our staff members will have undertaken extensive training in boot fitting. And, it won't cost you anything either!

  • 2

    We can help with existing issues
    Our staff will examine your feet and discuss any previous problems or discomfort you have had with boots or shoes.

  • 3

    It isn't just about the boots
    We will provide advice and recommendations on the right sock, which is crucial to the perfect fit.

  • 4

    We will measure your feet
    We use the Brannock Device which includes heel to ball length, checking for the correct flex point and possible foot elongation (arch collapse).

  • 5

    You can test them out
    As well as being able to walk about the shop, we also have an uphill and downhill incline and rocky slope to test your boots on.

  • 6

    We can make adjustments
    For the perfect fit, we can suggest particular lacing techniques as well as heel lifts, volume reducers, tongue depressors and even small modifications.

Don't forget, a well fitted and cared for boot will last you longer.

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