The great escape

Every year, thousands of people escape to the country for a holiday under canvas. Camping can be a great way to spend quality time with your family & enjoy spectacular scenery at an affordable price.

Camping means you can remain in the outdoors, enjoying a stunning sunset, a starlit sky and a beautiful sunrise - you don't have to return to a hotel. Kids will love the adventure of sleeping outside and parents can enjoy a comfortable (even luxurious) outdoor experience. And don't forget, it is affordable too - the amount of money you’ll save on accommodation during a couple of camping trips will more than cover the cost of buying the necessary camping equipment. Plus high quality equipment will last you and your family for years!

From easy to pitch waterproof tents to self-inflating sleeping mats & toasty sleeping bags, we've got everything you need to make the most of your camping get-away...

Your first night under canvas

Whether you are planning a camping trip with friends, a partner, or the whole family, here are a few simple ways to make sure that your first experience sleeping under canvas is fun and relaxed.

1. Check the forecast
Firstly, if you are a complete beginner and the forecast suggests anything other than perfect weather, consider postponing your trip to avoid the bad weather.

2. Don’t go too far from home
Most newcomers to camping find that a single night out on an organised campsite not too far from home is a better bet than a long and stressful drive to a remote campsite leaving you tired before your adventure has even begun.

3. Leave plenty of time
Make sure you arrive at the campsite with at least a few hours of daylight to spare - pitching your tent in the dark is neither fun, nor easy!

4. Practise pitching your tent before you leave
Being able to pitch your tent quickly and efficiently will make the whole procedure on the actual evening so much easier. So why not practice pitching your tent in your back garden or in a local park before your trip? We also have some tent pitching instruction videos so that you can watch the experts online before your try it out.

5. Check the guylines
So, you know how to put the tent up, you’ve arrived at the campsite with plenty of daylight to spare, and the weather is fine. What can go wrong? Well, it’s worth ensuring that the tent’s guylines are properly adjusted so that the flysheet is taut, just in case the heavens open at 2am.

6. Have water close to hand
Prepare for your morning tea and coffee by keeping water close by – then you can put a brew on in the morning without having to plod over to the taps

7. Light sleepers - take earplugs and an eye mask
When there is only a canvas between you and the outside world, you can hear everything that is going on around you. Whether it is owls hooting, tents rustling or those early risers having breakfast nearby, ear plugs can come in very useful for blocking out those unwanted noises. If you are camping in summer, an eye mask means you can have a relaxing lay in when the sun is up.

8. Don’t forget insect repellent
Sitting out in the evening sun and watching the sunrise is what camping is all about, but you don’t want to be covered in mosquito bites the next day. Always take an insect repellent and try to keep your inner tent closed to keep those pesky bugs out.

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