Learn about navigation from the experts at Ordnance Survey

Are you at home with a map and compass? Knowing how to read contour lines, take a bearing and judge distances are vital outdoor skills.

Even if you’re sticking to well-trodden paths, being able to read the landscape’s features adds hugely to your enjoyment. So brush up your skills at one of our free workshops, where the experts from Ordnance Survey (OS) will soon have you orienteering with ease.

Tickets are FREE, but spaces are limited so don't miss out! Get in contact with your local store now to book tickets.

OS Workshops

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Dates and locations

Exeter 19th March 2014
Norwich 25th March 2014
Glasgow West End 27th March 2014
Chester 23rd April 2014
Liverpool 24th April 2014
Aberdeen 14th May 2014
Leeds (The Core) 14th May 2014
Edinburgh 15th May 2014
Birmingham 20th May 2014
Nottingham 21st May 2014
Wandsworth 22nd May 2014
Reading 17th June 2014
Manchester (Deansgate) 18th June 2014
Preston 19th June 2014
Carmarthen 24th June 2014
Cardiff 25th June 2014
Shrewsbury 08th July 2014
Ipswich 15th July 2014
Windsor 16th July 2014
Milton Keynes 22nd July 2014
Bath 22nd July 2014
Brighton 23rd July 2014
Cirencester 23rd July 2014
Newcastle 13th August 2014
Truro 17th September 2014
Cambridge 23rd September 2014
Covent Garden 24th September 2014
Holborn London 25th September 2014

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