Mountain Equipment Clothing and Equipment

For over five decades Mountain Equipment have been making kit and clothing for the most challenging and isolated places on earth, and in doing so have developed a range of modern pieces that can make all the different to you and your adventure.

Above and Beyond Since 1961

When you’ve been a part of every British first ascent over 8000m and stood on the summit of Everest more than 175 times, then you know that the last fifty years have been well spent.

Mountain Equipment have spent more than five decades engineering expedition kit for the harshest conditions on the planet. They’ve equipped unsupported trips to the most extreme and far reaching corners of the globe and are trusted by International Mountain Guides and Sherpas the world over.

Mountain Equipment have been going above and beyond since 1961, so they truly understand the needs of their athletes and the people who put their lives in the hands of their gear. It is this unrelenting pursuit of performance that makes the equipment they produce amongst the finest in the world.


Whatever adventure you may be going on, the type of equipment that you have to hand can make a huge difference
to your comfort, success and safety. Browse the range from Mountain Equipment and be sure that the decisions you
make today, help you with your adventure tomorrow.