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Diagonal-cut foams bring added warmth to this comfortable backpacking mattress by minimising convective heat loss, while pressure mapping boosts your comfort with targeted support and softness relative to your body's contours.

Product Features

  • Stuff sack included
  • Dimensions: 51 x 183 x 5cm
  • Weight: 910g

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2 Customer reviews for this product

Great bit of kit
Reviewed By , 16 Aug 2012

Great bit of kit. Very thick & warm. Finally a comfortable night camping on any ground. For car camping in cold weather I also use a thick foam mat, but even without this represents a real comfort improvement.

It can be used with the special Neo-air stuff sack / inflation pump to save condensation inside the mat caused by mouth inflation.



superb piece of kit
Reviewed By , 19 May 2011

I bought the earlier version of this mattress in 2002 and it lasted until 2010..VERY heavy use, constantly being packed and unpacked, extremely robust..never got a puncture. Before I got this mattress I would wake in the morning cold and stiff, and have to potter about really slowly until my body came back to life, but after I got the mattress I needed only to wait until the coffee was circulating in my veins to be ready to go. Also it kept me warm..before (with the same sleeping bag) I would have to wear all my clothes at night in order not to freeze, after I got it
I could manage with just half of my clothes on..
I foolishly replaced this with the Thermarest Neoair, which was a stupid thing to do, because this product is Much more reliable and robust, PLUS it inflates itself, though it may need a couple of puffs of air if you like it to very fully inflated.