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Fill it with water, hang it up in the sun and the insulating fabric heats up the water inside - undo the valve and wash!

Product Features

  • Lightweight
  • Durable PVC construction
  • Complete with shower head
  • Flow control & hanging cord
  • Capacity: 20 Litres

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2 Customer reviews for this product

cleanliness in the field ..literally.
Reviewed By Angus, 19 Aug 2012

It's surprising how easy it is to shower under 20 litres of warmed water when you know supply is limited to what you can carry & the sun to heat!
Have used one for a whole summer & find it indispensible, beats queueing for use of sinks & showers if you have the sun & somewhere to hang it from, packs down nicely, & very easy to fill.



Good value
Reviewed By , 23 Jun 2011

You can pay a bit more for a smaller backpacking version, we use this abroad campervaning and it does as well as you can expect, it's not a power shower remember. Would recommend buying one each if you are a couple as will heat faster and means you won't risk bursting it if it is full. Plus if one goes you at least have a back-up.