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Better than a bivi
Reviewed By Bob , 12 Apr 2012

Getting up and out of a bivi bag in a rain storm didnt go down well with girlfriend. This tent solved the problem. It is best tent I could find in terms of weight and dimns. I,m over 6ft and can stretch out and sit up without touching sides.Inner tent nice and tight does not encroach on living space. Size OK for male female couple or two women,two guys would need to be good friends. Two sets of wet weather gear and boots can just about be stored in porch.Ruck sacks need to stay outside.(storage no problem with one person). With two you can just about cook a meal in porch when raining. Porch can be opened either side to shelter entrance. Easy and super quick to errect when tired, dark, raining etc. 2 pegs at back, roll out, insert two poles, 3 more pegs at front and your tents up and usable. 4 more pegs its spot on.We camped in Norway on the snow line and had a great time backpacking with this tent.



One Happy Camper
Reviewed By Satu, 20 Jun 2011

I bought a Taurus Ultralite in 2008 after much research because it offers a brilliant weight, size and price ratio and after many happy trips in all weathers, honestly couldn't fault it in any way. It's absolutely huge (height AND width) for the weight it is and reasonably priced compared to high-end tents of similar weight and quality. It's very quick and easy to put up and the design is excellent. The inner and outer can be pitched together and the design means it's possible to pitch it even in pouring rain without getting the inner wet. The inner is also easily detached (and re-attached!) for fast drying. The hooded design means that it is possible to have the door open without rain coming in unlike with most small tents and the door can be opened either to the left or the right which is great should the wind direction change. The door can also be opened top-to-bottom which allows for extra ventilation and again, the hood prevents rain coming in. On the inside, there are a few small storage pockets for items you want to keep close at hand and a strap which can be used to hang a torch for lighting. The door-part of the inner can also be opened almost 360 degrees (great for hanging a wet towel to dry!). The only (and I re