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In my opinion, this is quite simply the best winter mountaineering ‘sack on the market. It does everything you could want - it has grab handles for belay ledges, pole loops, an adjustable floating lid and compressions straps on the side so it sits a lot closer to the back. An emergency sitting/sleeping mat is folded into the back in case you get caught out on the mountain.

used for Mountaineering

By: Craig, Glasgow - Silverburn store

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My new favourite rucksack!
Reviewed By Jonathan, 22 May 2013

I've now used this bag for several weekend hikes, several trad climbing sessions and an overnight stop in the snow.

Comfort wise this bag is frankly; as good as it gets. It is very simple to adjust into a good fit with adequately long straps that are easy to use and reach (as are the ice axe attachments) while wearing the pack itself and gloves. The back system is very comfortable, especially considering how thin it is, and is made from a hard wearing material that appears to resist and help disperse sweat. I find the straps particularly good as they angle in towards the centre of the chest and then down- almost at a 90 degree angle. This stops them from cutting in and as if that wasn't good enough, the straps are well padded with a very breathable fabric.

In terms of space the Mutant delivers once again. It is worth noting that there are only two compartments in the lid and the main compartment itself, however. The hard wearing nature of the bag allows you to really pack it tight without having to worry about a rip. the Z shaped side compression straps are a God send and help make the bag extra comfortable, as nothing can move even slightly when these are tightened, no matter how full the bag is. The floating lid is well designed and aids getting every cm of space out of the 38L capacity. The lid is also removable as part of the weight shedding programme and can be replaced by a small flap under the lid or alternatively the top of the bag can be folded over and strapped down. If you are really stuck for space then the gear loops on the waist belt can be used to carry climbing gear. The rope carrier is adequate but I personally prefer to make my rope into a strap and carry it on my front.

My favourite feature of this bag has to be the pull out mat. It pulls out from between the back system and the water bladder slot and makes the bag more comfortable, is good as a seat and allows me to carry a lighter sleeping mat and still be as comfortable.

In short this is a great value, very lightweight (weighs about the same as my Osprey Stratos 26!), tough, well built rucksack without the faff of extra pockets and unnecessary attachments that will no doubt last for years to come.



Very well thought product
Reviewed By Moshe, 15 Feb 2013

I got my mutant 38 2 years ago and took it to various mountain environments now. Always comfortable and no matter what you'll pack in it, it will sit neatly on your back. Work well with or without the top flap. Easy to operate the zips with big gloves on . The haul loops are supper strong and a nice feature.
The only criticism is that no matter how stuffed the sack is, once you put it down, it will quickly get an S shape which to get rid of, once you lift the bag again require shaking and re-modelling. No big deal.
Excellent Mountain bag



Outstanding Pack
Reviewed By D, 27 Oct 2012

I've been carrying packs for fun and professionally for 40+ years and the Mutant 38 is the one pack I've owned that does everything without bells and whistles. It's simple, light, strong and comfortable. From backpacking to fast and light 2-3 day alpine routes it fits the bill perfectly. I still have the full range of sacs from bike bags to exped monsters but I always think about reaching first for my Mutant. The only criticism would be the brittleness of the buckles. Unless they've changed them recently, don't stand on them, I've broken 2! Still a 5 star pack.



odd name for a great rucksack!
Reviewed By will, 05 Jul 2012

I have used this sack for long days climbing in the mountains, lightweight camping trips, scrambling and longer day walks and it's simple rugged construction has never failed to impress.

It fits snug against the back with ribbed sections to prevent it becoming to hot and sweaty. I have found it more comfortable than my other rucksacks despite the lack of a 'proper back system'.

The mutant has some well thought out features, such as the reverse wrapping and easy adjustment of the waist belt. The lid is removeable to save weight and the compression straps do a great job of reducing the sacks bulk when climbing.

If I had to use one rucksack for everything this would be it!



Very good but not perfect
Reviewed By Paul, 09 May 2011

A very comfortable well thought out pack for climbing and mountaineering. The material is very durable and has so far resisted crampon and ice axe damage. A couple of minor gripes prevent this from getting five stars. The top pocket tapers and is not as large as it could be. The foam back piece which doubles as an emergency kip mat, is a great idea in principle, but once removed from the pack is very difficult to replace with out emptying the entire pack and removing gloves etc. This is a shame because it is a great mat for sitting on whilst belaying or having a rest stop.



Good Bombproof pack
Reviewed By , 03 Apr 2011

Bought this for climbing and great use, its great. Fits me really well and is very comfy even when loaded with a rack and 60m rope and all the other bits and pieces for a day at the crag.