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Excellent value and quality
Reviewed By Debbie, 01 Mar 2014

I decided to get some walking poles after returning to walking after back problems. I wasn't sure whether they'd be helpful, so bought the cheapest available. I've used these on many, many lengthy, hillside walks and they're still going strong and functioning as they should be. They've been a great help in getting my fitness back and I've been able to walk much further with them than without and with less back pain. I don't use them all the time now but do whenever I'm planning a hilly or lengthier walk than I've been used to. Marvellous!



New to walking
Reviewed By jo, 17 Aug 2013

I am new to this walking up and down hills lark and so didn't want to spend too much on my first set of walking poles as I wasn't sure how I would get on with them. So far so good - need some bigger hills to try them out on now.



Okay - but two pairs have failed so far
Reviewed By Richard, 07 Aug 2013

Good value starter poles, but any notable weight on them (eg going up or down steeper mountains) and they jam. I've had an original pair and a replacement and they both jammed so they couldn't be telescoped back down. This was after a trip in the Brecon Beacons and a trip up Ben Nevis.



If your knees sometimes let you down.....
Reviewed By G, 30 Jul 2013

My knee started feeling rather strange after diving out on the hills on the first day of my holiday .... The contrast between high heels in an office and flats leaping up and down hill was a tad too much for it I guess. If you have strange knees like me, I would suggest getting walking poles with the right angled handles rather than these otherwise excellent poles, for better support and quicker recovery.



Idiotproof Walking Poles.
Reviewed By Sean, 06 Jun 2013

These lightweight telescopic anti-shock walking poles are great value for money. Extending and closing them is simple, the shock absorbers work well, and operating them is idiotproof. A very good buy.



Great Starter Poles
Reviewed By Steven, 29 Mar 2013

I bought these because I didn't know if I'd get on OK with walking poles, never having tried them before. The quality for the price I paid is superb.



Great value for money
Reviewed By Vicki, 13 Feb 2013

I bought these poles as my first set of poles as I didn't want an expensive pair to start out with. What a great purchase! I can't see what another more expensive poles would give that these don't.



Not Suitable for more than Gentle Walking.
Reviewed By Nick, 05 Feb 2013

Took these away for use on approaches to climbs. This generally involved some fairly easy snowshoeing.
Lost both snow baskets within the first 15 minutes of use and by the end of the week the poles were fairly destroyed. One of them is no longer collapsable and both of them look like they have rickets.
Best used for gentle walks around the park as they can't take much more than that.
Good thing they were only £15 as I don't feel too bad about binning them.



excellent anti-shock technology/good value.
Reviewed By Paul, 30 Jan 2013

have been using my new purchase on some winter walks on the scottish hills in very different conditions,i thought the anti-shock system was excellent,very easy on the knees,great price!!!!
unfortunately left one of the poles on Ben Vorlich (arrochar).if found please return to cotswold silverburn.ta.



Robust and effective
Reviewed By Will, 24 Jan 2013

These poles are really great. certainly best on the value for money front! A little heavier than the top of the range poles but the anti shock system is surprisingly effective.



Value for money
Reviewed By Mick, 22 Jan 2013

At this price, you really can't go wrong - a pair of anti-shock poles for £15 - bargain.



Can't go wrong!
Reviewed By Robert , 17 Nov 2012

Not the flashest set of poles on the mountain however they don't look bad and more importantly they do a great job and for the price can't be between. They do 90% of the what the most expensive poles do at 15% of the price.



Functional without all of the Extras
Reviewed By Jamie, 16 Oct 2012

I'd never used poles before buying this set so I was a little sceptical about using poles at all so I thought I start with a cheap pair.

I did 5 hikes with them over 20 miles at a fast pace and got used to using them. I then did a 7 day hike up Mount Kilimanjaro on the Machame route using them.

A few points:

1. They survived the treks unscathed but the snow basket fell off and has been lost. This is possibly due to my not tightening it enough and not a design flaw.

2. They gribbed all manner of ground from rocks, snow, grass and road surfaces firmly and didn't slip. But please take off the rubber caps.

3. After the Mt Kilimanjaro hike they were a little bit bent. I'd literally used them everyday going up and relied heavily on them going down. They were put through a tough run and came out still usable.

4. The handle got a little uncomfortable and I got a blister on my left finger after 5 days. If you hold the poles correctly by pushing your hands up through the chords and pushing down then you find that the straps have to be twisted. Ideally the strap should come out of the pole vertical rather than horizontal. But they didn't break and held tight throughout the trip.

5. I didn't notice the weight of the poles being excessive.

Overall a good pole to start out with and it has converted me to using poles in future. I will look to get slightly more comortable grips and padding however on a more expensive pair. But look into these for light day hikes or to test if they're suitable for you.



poles give me confidence
Reviewed By , 17 Aug 2012

Aged 60 I joined a fast walking group and decided to buy a pair after I slipped over. They have given me real confidence when we are on down hill muddy. or shingly ground. Members of the group said to have two if you have a bad back. I did subsequently see some for less, but I didn’t examine them. These should pack nicely to take to Stromboli where we are going on holiday. My sister in law has now bought the same (her daughter is a physio and has encouraged her to have a pair too.) I managed to loose both trekking baskets (littering the countryside. I have the group looking out for them. My husband had fiddled with them when I was working out how to keep the road tips on. We couldn’t get them to stay on) KB



These are VERY good !!
Reviewed By Mark, 18 Mar 2012

Over the years I've always turned my nose up at walking poles, but as the years have been catching me up, a mate persuaded me to try a pair. Amazing ! Hikings become more of a total body workout.. much more stamina, stability .. good sense. Well wasn't sure which ones to buy, and some do seem quite pricey. Anyway, the ones I borrowed were 'the above' and they are quite adequate :-) And finding them here for 15 quid is even better.. Good Job Cotswolds !! (Wish me luck with the 3000's in May)



Great value - recommended
Reviewed By , 31 May 2011

Leki may be the established market leader, but these poles ar such great value that everyone can afford to grab a pair and try them. Chances are that you will not only like them but decide that the qulaity is more than sufficient for your needs. I have found them comfortable and durable and they have saved me from a number of stumbles on dodgy ground as well as taking strain off my knees on descents. All the benefits, but at a fraction of the typical price - buy them!



Great for emergency shelter......
Reviewed By Keith, 24 May 2011

Bought the set as they are excellently priced. My friend and I hit the hills and I brought my Tarp along as the weather was not favourable. Heavens opened up and my friend and I set up an emergency shelter in seconds using the poles. Very sturdy and a great price. Been buying my gear from Cotswold for awhile and they are great.....



Trekmates poles
Reviewed By Darren, 16 May 2011

My second day with these poles and they are really great a valued piece of kit i have been out for a long hike today and founf these poles very sturdy and excellent value for money as per my other breif review got them yesterday a replacement for a top brand single pole.
Well i got 2 for the price of 1 and what a deal the shck system in these is very good and as effective as my old more expensive pole now all set corectly for me and away i went the knees are a lot better as are my ankles as nursing an old injury the suppot i got fom the poles was wonderfull and after the hike i did realyl benefit from the new extra supporting poles.
Well done the guys at Watford Alex that was a great recommendation and excellent service i ill be back for some new kit soon and am now loyal to the branch thanks guys.





wONDERFULL!!!! great set of poles excellent value
Reviewed By Darren, 15 May 2011

I returned to Cotswold Watford due to the excellent and friendly customer services i got on my last visit.
I wanted a good set of value walking poles as i had an old pole that was now no good and wa greated by a female member of staff who recommended these special offer poles and well what great service i have been out with these walking this afternoon and they are great value i have owned top brand names but these are a great prduct at a great price special offer combined with quality and service well done Watford Cotswld you have my guaranteed custom and i even got an explore more card to save when i shop.




Excellent way to try out poles
Reviewed By Alan, 01 May 2011

I wanted to give this a go as I have never walked with a set of poles. WoW! What a difference these made. Really helped going up hill - felt just as hard but the body recovered quicker I think? On the way down my knees loved me for trying these poles. The Poles themeselves were very good. You have to make sure they are done up tight so they dont move when your using them. Overall, for the money an excellent way to try it out - and I am not entirely sure what more expensive ones would offer over these?