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Really good head torch
Reviewed By Kayleigh, 12 Apr 2013

I've been looking for a head torch with a good red light for ages and I've finally found it. I mostly use my head torch for astronomy so the red light is really useful as red light doesn't affect night vision as quickly. The red light is bright enough to read maps and see fairly clearly but has a small enough field that you're not going to annoy the people near by. The bright white light is very bright and I've not actually needed it yet as the economy white light is enough to see by. I've used it in quite heavy rain without any problems. The band is elastic so it doesn't slip around when it#s wet.
The only problem I had was putting it together. I've not had a petzl headlight before but I've been told this is typical. When I took it out of the box the torch and the headband were separate and the instructions don't include how to put them together. I thought it would be intuitive but when I was taking the headband piece out to put the torch on it made a noise that sounded like it was breaking and as you have to bend the plastic a bit, it felt like I might be breaking it.



Perfect for D~of~E (& beyond)
Reviewed By Angus, 22 Aug 2012

The comfort , weight & durability of this headtorch positively excels.
Whilst I have now given mine to my hiking & camping mad 8 year old as her main "out & about" light, this model is a superb mid-price unit for campers, Diy'ers (going into lofts & under cupboards to areas that need good light close up but to small a place to park your old fashioned torch).
Getting kit for your Duke of Edinburgh award, consider this! ..light, proven design, batteries that will last a full weekend (& beyond) providing penetrative light on misty nights or simply kept close to hand for dog walking.
The headstrap fits comfortably on all size heads, & is easily adjusted.

Whilst battery circuitry is not regulated the lighting drop off is very slow to notice under normal use, more expensive updated models are available (but for an extra £15-£20 typically.
whether caving or just purchased for rattling around in your daily life this is a quality option backed up by an excellent 3 year uk based petzl warranty! ..(another reason I continue to purchase petzl products amongst other brands in my kit).
comes complete with 3x AAA duracell batteries, easy one handed operation & brightness cycles.
40 lumens (maximum mode) ..great to trail walk by (or get you down a ski run late at night with aded safety).
Low level for reading & locating kit within your pack.

Do consider purchasing the excellent "tikka Pouch" mine has taken all the knocks on my keychain over the years & still looks as good as new, keeping my light ready & available at a moments notice, ...more often than you think!

worthy o your time & consideration for the budget purchaser who demands good product longevity.



Head Torch moves to top pocket item!
Reviewed By Cath, 05 Apr 2012

Remember when head torches were bulky and heavy, lived at the bottom of your ruck with the first aid kit and were one of the reasons why your Scottish winter pack just seemed so huge? No more! This one comes with a pull out, self reloading elastic string rather than head band, meaning it is so compact it can live in the top pocket of your rucksack with the compass and the whistle, ready to deploy swiftly when that route just takes a bit longer than you planned. Beats emptying out all your kit in a hooley on the Cairngorm plateau! If that's not your bag, be assured this torch, compact as it is, provides all the power you need to navigate and the economy setting is more than enough for any general task. Easy to use and well designed, this is great product.



Excellent torch
Reviewed By Nigel, 04 Nov 2011

Just been out through the forest as dusk fell, and it certainly exceeds my expectations. On economy setting it provides more than enough light, and there is the higher setting available. It produced enough light for two people to be able to walk safely. The dog didn't need it; all I could see was two silver orbs blinking occasionally amidst the trees.. No idea about battery life yet, but the excellent man in Durham told me he was still on his initial set of batteries after three years!