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The Satmap Active 10 is purpose-built for the great outdoors, offering a long battery life in a weatherproof and shockproof casing. It has some of the most advanced navigation technology available, including an electronic compass, direction indicator, route planning and map orientation.

The maps are supplied on map cards that simply plug straight into the Active 10. No other computer or equipment is needed. This is a standalone system that will work straight out of the box.

Satmap’s online route planner, Xpedition, gives you access to Ordnance Survey mapping to plan routes and download route data for the Active 10. In addition you also get a high capacity rechargeable battery pack.

Included in this bundle is the Ordnance Survey Great Britain Full 1:50k Map Card, a voucher for 1/3-off your first map card purchase (terms, conditions and restrictions apply) and three months free access to Xpedition Premium online route planner.

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Product Features

  • Full Great Britain Ordnance Survey 1:50k scale map
  • Pre-loaded base maps: 1:250k UK road map 1:5M world base map
  • UK postcode lookup
  • Carry case and lanyard
  • USB Cable
  • 2700mAh LiPol Rechargeable Battery
  • Wall charger and multi country adaptors
  • Car charger
  • 3 x AA Lithium batteries and caddy

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17 Customer reviews for this product

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Reviewed By Karl, 06 Jun 2014

I have had one of these for 3 years and must say it's way over priced and way overrated.The device it's self isn't very durable and despite what the manufacture says it's not water resistant either.The battery life is awful even in advanced power mode and with the screen turned right down to a useless 10 per cent the lithium battery barely lasts 8 hours.The screen is hard to see in sunlight and refreshes very slowly as you are scrolling with the utterly useless and fragile joystick.Planing takes ages on the device itself and online planing only works properly with windows.The maps are ridiculously expensive and you don't even get an index or key with them.Also unlike other similar devices using postcodes to places draws a straight line as the crow flies leaving you to work your own route out and in towns it doesn't even show street names.Do yourself a favour at get a garmin or Magellan or go back to using a map and compass.



This is the best bit of kit I have purchased
Reviewed By , 06 Apr 2014

This Satmap is a great bit of kit. Purchased a couple of months ago. I have used it every Sunday walking over the past two months, and the more I use it, the more I understand it. It has got me back off Dartmoor in the hill fog easily.Same goes for the Black Mountains Great for saving and sharing walks. Would not be without it!!!! Much better the touch screen units, which are impossible to use with gloves in the cold or wet.



Great piece of kit
Reviewed By Sean-Daniel, 24 Feb 2014

I bought this piece of kit just under a year ago to help me and to assist me when I'm out with the search and rescue team. I've found that it is very clear, vivid and easy to use.
The large screen makes it ideal for navigating in horrendous weather conditions (which I have had to do just so on many of occasions). This device is brilliant as it has 1:10000, 1:50000, 1:25000, Base maps and AA Road maps.
Finally the battery life. All i can say is that after having this for just under one year and having used this throughout training and live searches I've only just had to charge it for the first time last week which it's pretty good going.



Brillant bit of kit
Reviewed By , 02 Jul 2013

I brought this with the intention of using it on my bike for cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats. The think that drew me to it was its impressive battery life - on advance power saver mode you can get in excess of 16 hours. As a techno phoebe I found it very easy to use and was able to upload routes for it from the PC with ease. I only had one problem with the unit and with a quick call to satmap customer services it was solved in seconds, turned out it was my finger trouble anyway! This is a truly great piece of kit and with the power bundle it is simply excellent. It is no wonder it has won so many awards!



Faulty SatMap product
Reviewed By Richard, 22 Apr 2013

Fair play to the staff at the Guildford store and to Cotswold. I had problems with my satmap GPS so took it back to the store in Guildford they were helpful and changed it for the Magellan Explorist 610.



A handy tool when trekking
Reviewed By Michael, 13 Apr 2013

This hand held GPS is by far the best I have used . In fact when I lost mine recently I just had to replace it with the same model. The features, excellent maps ease of use and the way it fits comfortably in my hand makes it an ideal walking companion



disappointed with product
Reviewed By Richard, 05 Apr 2013

Satmap say they have awards for this and that but I do not agree, as I have used this GPS now for about 5 months and found it not very good. I only find it good for just on thing and that is confirming my location however 50% of the time it is no good for several reasons, often it looses the GPS signal, also some times it takes upto 30 mins to locate a signal. The battery runs down very quickly and I often have to use my solar charger at times it sjows 3 sections green for full charge and then sudenly it goes into the red and sometimes turns itself off hence loosing all signal. Last week whilst on Exmoor I lost all signal and then when got signal back 2 hours later I lost all the map display , the display went light blue. I contacted Satmap who told me they did not know what the problem was so I emailed in my problem, the reply I got was not helpfull as it did not correct the fault. When I am in Guildfrod next I will take the faulty unit back. From an expensive bit of kit I would have expected better. Lucky I do not rely on this GPS but I would have liked it to work as I like statistics ie distance traveled times speed altitude etc. Very disappointed will try a different make.



Reviewed By peter, 18 Jan 2013

I brought this a few months ago and also the rubber waterproof case. tried it out in Scotland in the cairngorms by fairndoran bothy and was surprised how accurate it was..I was by a fence gate at the corner of the bothy and the satmap agreed,exactly..first time I used one.will take it on the GR11 route in the pyrenees as a needs to be the worth the weight plus solar charger when on a 4 week survived scotland in winter mostly camping wild



Hopefully worth the money
Reviewed By Richard, 11 Jan 2013

I've used this a couple of times and despite the assurance from the very helpful staff that i could return it if it didn't suit me I've decided to continue with it. It isn't that easy to figure out how to operate without referring to the very lengthy on-line instructions. The online site isn't that intuitive either and the other maps are ridiculously expensive in my opinion. I really hope my commitment pays off! I'll post another comment when I've used it some more.



Ok product
Reviewed By Richard, 08 Dec 2012

Purchased this active 10 GPS from Cotswold in Guildford the staff member was very helpfull.The picture is the GPS with the slimline battery,the Guildford shop did not have the slimline battery so have ordered the slimline battery for me but am still waiting for it to arrive. On opening the boxed product there were no instructions so called the shop to be told that Satmap no longer provide instructions with this GPS so I had to down load the entire 91 pages from their website, for the price I would expect a working manul. I have used the GPS nearly every day now for the past 2 weeks and must say I am a little disappointed with a few points, takes a while at times to get a signal. the on off button is not very resposive, at times on a journey the unit has lost signal and so has not recorded all the journey data, the compass does not seem to be that accruate and on several ocassions I have had to reverted to my hand held silva. Satmap web site is not that clear for registration as there is a uk site and world wide site that do not seem to tie in together. The individual 1-25 OS maps they sell are very expensive. having said all that it has its good points.



Fantastic piece of kit
Reviewed By Jez, 15 Nov 2012

Firstly the help i had from the staff in the Carlisle store was outstanding this being my first GPS unit.
This GPS unit is outstanding, very well made and easy to use. I also bought the tough waterproof case for it which has stood up to torrential rain in the lake district no problems. The unit can also be worked no problems with gloves on.



Tough durable and the best GPS I've used
Reviewed By Russell, 25 Jul 2012

No touch screen bonus the buttons are great for navigation whether you are wearing your gloves or not and the screen has settings for high sun, standard and night time use so it is always clear to see. Oh yeah and the Xpedition route planner is the best thing I've ever seen. Buy it. Tough durable fit for purpose. I use it for MTB and hiking.



Even a technophobe can use this piece of kit!
Reviewed By KEVIN, 12 Jun 2012

Having just purchased an active 10 GPS, I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to master all the buttons and set up the GPS ready for use. It is a robust piece of kit and I look forward to using it in the Lakes when my Lake District Harvey map card arrives.



Best Navigation Aid Ever
Reviewed By Iain, 12 Feb 2012

I have had my Active 10 for 4 years and it has never let me down once, its accuracy is second to none, just what you need to accurately confirm your location. I have used it throughout the UK for Trekking, D of E Assessment, Geocaching and GPS training, it is rugged and easy to use. You can plan routes on Satmaps website then download to your unit, and there is an option to up-load to the website and share routes with others.

My wife thought this was a gadget that would get used now and again, she was so wrong, we use everytime, I'm hoping to try iy out overseas at some point. The site centred map service is fantastic, my only complaint is, and its a little complaint, is the price of the maps, 1:25,000 maps are fairly pricey, and would work out very expensive if you wanted the entire serious, shame its not compatible with memory map.

Overall this is a valid and worthwhile piece of GUCCI Kit.



At the moment I can not fault this product.
Reviewed By MICHAEL, 30 Dec 2011

I would like to make a comment of the first class service I recieved at the Carmarthen store when I purchased the above.I can not fault the member of staff which made me feal like a valued customer.
Product review.
A well made product,I have used it four times and it does stand up to what Satmap say.
The test will be when I lead a group of people on a night treck accross Wales in a few weeks time in aid of Breast Cancer, I am sure it will be trouble free.
I will be shortly be buying the extra cover for the Satmap before then as the weather can change at a very short notice.



Observations On This Package
Reviewed By David, 02 Sep 2011

Some observations re the bundle and Active 10 itself.

(1) Unless things have changed recently, the picture shows the Active 10 with a slimline battery pack (available separately) not the standard item listed which is bulkier.

(2) Allowing for the retail cost of the protective case (perhaps overkill / bulky for normal use) and full GB mapping at 1:50k you are paying only £200ish for the GPS unit which looks good value vs. the Satmap website pricing.

(3) The free mapping software is tied to the unit's registration. In my opinion it is usable but an annual OS Getamap subscription at circa £30pa useage down to 1:25K scales with import capability via gpx files is better.

(4) The range of power peripherals is handy. Switching between AA and the power pack is fiddly - you also need to carry the respective battery cradles with you if this is important. In fairness though the supplied battery pack has long life on a single charge, making the AA battery option relatively superfluous.

The Satmap itself works fine although past experience is that it can be slow to get signals and can drop them - subsequent experiences with Garmin kit has been better. The absence of a touchscreen is not all bad and I prefer the way the unit manages routes / tracks compared to my Garmin Montana 600. The screen is big enough to be really usable (unlike Garmin Dakota / Oregon) if prone to being difficult to read in bright sunlight.

In summary. Not a bad buy but getting perhaps overdue for a material upgrade in the face of recent product launches from key competitors.



Highly regarded - but is it really
Reviewed By Gordon, 01 Sep 2011

I purchased this product in order to have a unit which was well thought of by many users of this type of equipment and provided a good sized screen to display OS mapping, taking for granted that any product of this type should be robust enough for severe weather in the outdoors on the fells, after all thats what its designed to do, I also like the software because there are no fancy and to some degree unecessary menus and clutered fancy screens, although the compass screen and off course screens are a bit naff, the fact that it didn't have a touch screen which can always reduce the clarity of the display and also avoids accidental activation of the unit if stuffed in the rucksack or coat pocket,didn't put me off Trail reviews were also good :- Now to my personal view, this unit does all it said it would do although the screen is not as refined as some, but the big problem I found is build quality, the screen damages and scratches easily, the buttons can require a bit of pressing on occasions particulary when wearing gloves (but better than touch screens)the rubber cover to the USB port after only a few months split on the hinged bit, no wonder SatMap have a service option to replace all the outside bits for £35.
So having used Garmin for many years I have to say that I feel even for its faults the Garmin equivalent would probably have been a better buy, and the build quality is always extremely good, never had a problem or needed to send one back for any reason.
Again just my observations sincerely hopr this helps when thinking about purchasing this unit.



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