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Good, tough jacket
Reviewed By Paul, 11 Jul 2013

I bought this shell over some lighter alternatives because of its extra length and the reinforcement on the shoulders. Despite this it still feels light.

Great for layering. Large sizing so best to try it on or maybe one size down, unless you're used to Rab's sizing already.

I like the breathability of it, it's useful and hasn't left me cold.

Mine fits over a helmet nicely (Black Diamond Half Dome) though I haven't had chance to try them out together.



Perfect for extreme weather
Reviewed By Thomas, 23 Jan 2013

Brilliant design as usually by Rab all the time with perfect jacket for british weather and extreme weather by mountain walking.Recommended for heavy rain and windy days-really love it!



Extremely breathable jacket
Reviewed By Ben, 18 Nov 2012

This is now my second year of owning this jacket. I purchased this jacket at a cut price for £110, i think? it's been a long time.

I do agree with some of the views rasied buy others, noticeably the thinner event shell. Yes it may be thinner and not as warm as others, but in all my years as being a cyclist, hiker and general active out door person all year round, i have never found an item as breathable as this jacket. I do not pretend to be a mountaineer, i do though, spend a lot of time in the out doors and have done all my life no matter what the weather. I cannot comment on the helmet compatibility as i have never used it with one, other than a fleece beanie or over the infinity which it does just!(massive loft on these) . I do like the lumbar draw cord and storm flap which really does help keep the rain and biting wind at bay. The event fabric does take a bit more looking after with regular washes than say gore-tex, but two years on and being caught in some seriously appalling weather this jacket has never let me down, and at the end of the day that is what you want! Cant recommend it highly enough.

One thing i would say is the sizing, i am a medium with long arms and a long body, but even this came up a little large in the med size. However this does allow me to layer up with fleeces and gillet, or just have my infinity jacket on underneath.



OK, but with shortcomings
Reviewed By Julian , 05 Oct 2012

Like other reviews here, I bought my Bergen last year. And - by and large - I agree with many of the comments others have made, both good and not so good.

On the plus side it is quite light and breathable, and I've found it to keep the rain out pretty well on the whole, and the slightly longer length is a help in this respect too.

On the minus side it's nothing like as warm as an equivalent Gore-tex jacket meaning you need better insulation layers than you are used to in comparison - cold and breathable are not interchangable characteristics, and I think this should be considered bearing in mind it is designed for winter use.

The eVent fabric is good for performance, but I do have niggling doubts as to its long-term durability as it is quite thin.

On my version the hood is quite large - large enough for a helmet - which I don't think is necessary on a jacket designed (according to Rab themselves) as a mountain walker's jacket (they have other products in the range for climbers who might need this feature) and there is a lot of spare fabric to flap around in the wind when the hood is down. The wired peak is a plus, helping to keep rain off one's glasses - although I would expect this feature on any quality mountain walking jacket worth it's salt.

I like the use of the double storm flap over the main zip - almost essential if you intend using it in heavy, driving rain (ie: possible mountain conditions) - but it is made slightly fiddly by the presence of too much velcro.

In summary, I am reasonably happy although I think there are some shortcomings and I feel slightly disappointed. There are lots of jackets at this sort of price point and for me this is not a clear winner.



Great Hiking jacket
Reviewed By Ioan, 06 Jun 2012

Bought this Jacket a last year. have not found a fault at all.

The hood is great, it keeps weather, rain wind out of your face, fits well, pockets are big and the one inside helps too.

Breathable great e-vent design.

I would definitely buy more products from Rab, I would recommend this jacket.



Close to perfect, but...
Reviewed By Jens, 13 May 2012

Great fit, fantastic breathablility, practical features, pretty lightweight. Only shortcoming of my 2011 make: the plastic pushbuttons at the front zip, which I expect not to survive the ten years of jacket use.



Excellent Lightweight Jacket
Reviewed By philip, 22 Jan 2012

Great jacket lightweight, comfortable with a great fitting hood. Does what its supposed to and keeps you dry, wore this on a hike recently and was impressed that I didn't sweat inside the jacket and overheat. I always found this to be a problem with my old Gortex jacket but not with this, I have read reviews elsewhere that criticise the jacket for not being as warm as Gortex types, surely this is the point it keeps you cool and does not boil you inside the jacket, I found that by wearing an extra base layer I was warm but not boiling! Great jacket highly recommended.



Brilliant jacket, don't miss out
Reviewed By Steven, 15 Aug 2011

Bought this jacket for mountain walks and trekking and am very impressed. Light weight, great design and at the price a star buy. Great hood design to keep the rain off which is just what you need.



Excellent full featured jacket
Reviewed By John, 17 Jul 2011

Opted for this jacket over the Latok Alpine mainly due to the extra front storm flap as it can be quite useful to just close the jacket with the Velcro tabs rather than zip on occasions.

There's also a dual main zip so you can open up the jacket from the bottom and also lumber adjustments hidden in the pockets.
The hood design is brilliant as the wired peak allows me to keep my glasses dry while raining :)



Waterproof, rugged and lightweight
Reviewed By Peter, 06 Jul 2011

I bought the Bergen for my Mountain Leader Assessment and it didn't let me down in the wind and the rain on Kinder Scout, nor has it more recently in Dartmoor's unending downpours. At this price its a no brainer. PCW



Super jacket!!!
Reviewed By Radoslaw, 22 Jun 2011

RAB Bergen jacket has preformed perfectly for two days in very windy and wet conditions in Scottish Highlands last weekend! Happy man so far:-) £125 its bargain!!!



A great all-rounder.
Reviewed By Dominic , 15 Jun 2011

At £125, you really can't go wrong.

The secret of this jacket's success is in the fabric. eVent is as waterproof and breathable as the best I've come across. It's durable too.

I have worn this jacket in some VERY challenging conditions and it has always performed admirably.

Conventional wisdom is that the fabri requires inordinate levels of care and attention - comparitavely speaking - I've not found this to be the case at all. Last year I washed it perhaps only three times, (using Grangers reproofer), and the jacket still performs as new.

Downsides? The hood is not helmet compatible, and the brim is a little stiff and awkward for me. Whilst the stormflap covering the central zip provides added protection, it is a little fiddly.

That's about it, though.

All-in-all, an absolute bargain.

LITERALLY good value at twice the price.