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A well thought out piece of kit!
Reviewed By Robert, 29 May 2013

I have had this jacket for a couple of years now and it has never failed to perform. It is light and small in your bag but still provides a strong comfortable outer shell as part of a layering system, protecting from whatever the weather can throw at you.
There are a few features of this jacket which really are its selling points; ones that I love to show off. There is an inner pocket just below the right chest which is big enough for a 1 litre water bottle. Obviously having a bulge coming out from your chest isn't the most attractive, but you can’t really feel the bottle there and it and will keep your water a nice temperature when out in the winter. So it’s a great feature. The hood is a good size and can take a helmet. However, without a helmet is quite large and therefore the draw cords have to be used to keep it on your head in strong winds, but there are plenty of adjustment cords to get it to the right size. Lastly the mouthpart has an few air hole to aid breathing and to prevent condensation building up on the inside of the jacket. The zip also goes off up to the size so that it’s not directly in line with the mouth causing discomfort. This is fantastic. However, when you do not need to have the zip all the way up you are left with a large cuff which then flaps around on the jacket, being larger than usual.
So, overall. The jacket has excellent functionality and cannot be faulted for its performance. However, I would say it is only suitable for those winter conditions; otherwise the features become more of an annoyance. Nevertheless it IS a very good jacket and I would recommend it.



Survived everything Ben Nevis could throw at it!
Reviewed By Ben, 12 May 2013

A recent trip to Ben Nevis put this jacket to the test in the worst mountain weather, I’ve certainly experienced. Torrential rain and Gail force winds on the way up, then a blizzard, storm force winds and -22 C above 1,000 metres.

I have to say this jacket was fantastic, it blocked out the wind incredibly well. The adjustable hood and built in face mask ensured as little of my face was exposed to the elements as possible. More importantly it kept me dry and warm throughout the day, I just wish the same could be said for the rest of my gear.

Pros: Great price! Extremely waterproof, windproof and well fitting jacket. Adjustable hood and facemask provides great face protection in winter / windy conditions. Chest high zips allow easy access, even when wearing a harness and can take a map comfortably.

Cons: Hood doesn’t fold away, so can get in the way when not in use.



Reviewed By Rich, 21 Apr 2013

had this jacket a few years now and it still works like new, the hood however is definitely its best feature. you can completely hide inside the thing should the weather turn against you and i dont have the smallest of heads either, i'd definitely recomend to a friend but the only issue i've found with it is there is quite alot of material in the chest so it can bellow out if worn with a harness or pack.



Can't beat it at this price!
Reviewed By Stuart, 19 Apr 2013

Bought for an expedition to Norway in the summer but has been worn on multiple DofE walks and expeditions around the UK. the best and probably the most worthwhile test for this jacket was in Wales climbing Pen-Y-Fan in the snowy conditions with high wind speeds, torrential downpour and freezing temperatures. I was surprised and pleased when I did not feel a thing through the jacket, the face mask and huge hood kept my face protected from the wind and rain.
There are several pockets on the outside of the jacket that are very nearly 100% (about 95%) waterproof that are big enough to hold all the things I need close by.
The only problem I have is the face mask can build up some condensation during prolonged activity but is easily cured by not doing it up all the way every now and then to let it dry up.
Other than this it is an incredibly good jacket and will last me a long time in all my adventurous training!



Left wanting nothing
Reviewed By Stuart, 29 Jan 2013

This jacket wasn't to replace an old jacket, I was looking for something fully waterproof for taking to the Scottish mountains on foot and bike . I do believe though, that due to the fit, quality and practicality my other 2 outdoors jackets will become redundant. No matter what your sport, this jacket is a friend you want packed away for a rainy day as they say. Light, strong, pratical and stylish. It is a Wee Bobbie Dazzler (in black)