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Get the Garmin Battery Pack/Power Kit and the Garmin City Navigator Europe NT Map Card for FREE when you buy this item!

To take advantage of this special offer, simply put all three items in your basket and the discounts will be applied. This offer is for a limited period and while stocks last. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.

Full GB 1:50K mapping included, saving £150 on RRP. The Montana 600 is one handheld GPS for three very different activities. Whether you're on foot, on the road or on water, the Montana 600 from Garmin will guide you wherever you go. With a 10.2cm colour TFT dual orientation display, it is easy to see the detailed mapping that comes with the unit. A whole host of extra mapping options are available for use with the Montana, from Latin American road maps to South African waterway charts! Even if the mapping you want to use isn't available digitally, you can scan paper maps and load them to the device using Garmin Custom Maps.

The Montana 600 also has a built-in Worldwide basemap, a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix, a microSD card slot, 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter.

Paperless Geocaching makes it easy for those into this growing pastime - and those who are thinking of trying it - to just plug in, download the file, and go: no need to to write anything down, all the info is on the unit. Also online is

Product Features

  • Weight:
  • 289g with Lithium-ion battery (battery & charger supplied)
  • 333g with 3 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 7.48 x 14.42 x 3.64cm
  • Screen size: 5 x 8.9cm
  • Transflective colour TFT touchscreen
  • 3GB internal memory with microSD card slot
  • Battery life:
  • Up to 16 hours (Li-Ion battery)
  • Up to 22 hours (3 x AA batteries)
  • Space to store up to 4000 waypoints and 200 routes
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • High speed USB interface with USB cable supplied
  • Wireless data transfer with similar units
  • In-car turn-by-turn routing
  • Tilt compensated electronic compass
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Supports paperless geocaching
  • Worldwide basemap
  • Garmin Custom Maps compatible
  • Garmin Connect compatible

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5 Customer reviews for this product

Very good but with problems
Reviewed By Marius, 27 Nov 2013

Looking at the reviews this item sound rather controversial, so I though I'd share my experience with it too. I've had it for over a year and I've used it on many trekking trips in Wales and Scotland.

GOOD: I have discussed the negatives at the end but I'd like to start with the most important things, which are what this item does when it does it. It saved us so many times that we consider it a member of our family now. Full GB map is so detailed that it has everything from bigger stones, small gates and benches in the middle of nowhere to every single existing and no-more-existing trails and paths. I don't really need any functions other than knowing where I am and how to get where i need to get without having to jump off a cliff or swim a lake. It's extremely useful in forests, mountains and other places with no paths or with paths that are no longer used and are not visible with naked eye or in bad weather conditions when you can only see things at the stretch of your hand. I often want to kiss this device because of the number of times that it saved us. I never had reception problems. It's well made and I never had any fear of dropping it and getting it wet. It can be a real life saver.

NEUTRAL: It comes bundled with a power kit. I've never used any of those items. I wish it came with some car adaptor instead. I wouldn't say that this device is great as a car gps device but it's not really meant to be one, so I wouldn't want to criticize it on these grounds. At the same time, the power kit is quite useless. I suppose I might take a solar battery on a longer trip in unhabitated place but I'd rather get more batteries instead of it otherwise.
BAD:Some have said that they have problems with its touch screen. I have to agree that it's not very responsive but it does the job (even if you need a few attempts). This, hoverer happens very rarely and it simply takes getting used to it.
I also agree with those who say its interface is not very intuitive. On the other hand, once you know where things are you simply go and find them. I would recommend learning how to use it before getting lost somewhere but its interface is not something that should dissuade people from buying it.
Also, it happens sometimes that the device doesn't switch on from the first time. It hoes into a white screen, then I have to switch it off and on again. So it definitely has some problems that Garmin should address and I was too surprised that a company of such caliber underdeveloped this toy.

In sum, it brought much more happiness to my life that misery and despite all its problems I would still rate it at 4 stars just because its main function never let me down.



Potentially great.....but
Reviewed By Brian, 18 May 2012

This is pretty pretty much the gps unit that does everything. I've cycled with it walked with it and used it for driving gps and as a speedo when mine packed up. I haven't had too much problems with the interface but admit i haven't delved into some of the more complex parts of the system yet. However, unlike my other Garmin GPS units this has been very unreliable. The touch screen became unresponsive in certain areas and the unit had to be replaced. The one i have now has taken to switching itself off then back on at random ,but frequent, intervals. Not what i expect from a system of this cost and certainly not from Garmin



so different
Reviewed By trevor, 09 Aug 2011

I admit that the unit takes a little getting use to after convential units but once you start to understand how it takes some beeting.

Gone is the create a waypoin at every turn simply
enter a couple close then use the map to sort out the footpaths. The detail they managed to put in to the gb map with the 4" viewing screen is unbelieveable.use direct route, and learn how good it is. lock the screen toprevent the garmin accidently bringing up waypoints you dont want.
switch to compas for tacking down geocaches.

Still the learning curve is quite hard if you try to use as an extrect, i tried that it dont work the same way.




Steer clear!
Reviewed By Steve, 20 Jul 2011

So far I'm really wishing I had followed the salesmans advice and bought a Satmap instead. It's looking like this will be a very expensive purchase just to sit in the original box. It's not intuative at all, if you expect the same quality of touch screen operation as an iPhone then forget it. Its not responsive and acts almost how and when it feels like it. The operation is extremely puzzling, perhaps when I've spent hours and hours playing with it I might even be able to use it. I'm following the instructions (which you have to download) word for word and mine doesnt work as the book says it should. All in all extremely disappointed.



Comparative vs. Satmap Active 10
Reviewed By David, 09 Jul 2011

Couple of years ago I bought a Satmap GPS over Garmin Oregon 450 primarily based on overall screen size (eyesight is not what it used to be so the more screen estate the better).

Whilst the Satmap has been a faithful servant the launch of the Garmin Montana 600 sees many of my wishes answered.

Full Uk mapping included in this bundle at a fair price (esp. given 10% off with Cotswold membership card offer in play).

Has large screen and simpler, less fussy design and functionality than Satmap which is beginning to feel like it needs an updated model / refresh.

3 axis compass is very accurate and stable regardless of how you hold this unit (2 axis on Satmap has always been jumpy unless held dead flat).

Garmin Montana is frighteningly quick at picking up and holding GPS signals based on early useage - it even works indoors. Have had issues in Keswick collecting GPS wth Satmap and occasionally dropping signals so this is good news.

Ability to use Montana as a proper car SatNav with inbuilt aka Nuvi is also a bonus.

Battery change capability is better than in Satmap - especially if power becomes an issue on a cold wet day. No complex removal of battery cradles to accommodate a different type of battery here.

Make no mistake though, this is a big beastie with its 4 inch screen (same width but 1/2 inch longer than Satmap and almost twice as big as an Oregon). It is also pretty bulky front-to-back but feels ok in the hand and is certainly robust.

Needs more accessory support - no dedicated lanyard or belt clip / carabina (exist for Oregon and Dakota models). Have cobbled something myself for now pending this no doubt coming through.

Free Garmin Basecamp software for route planning is OK although could do with polishing. Accepts imports from other sources (e.g. gpx files) which is handy. Good enough for me to use and drop Mapyx Quo. Either is better than Satmap's (paid for in my case) solution.

As with Oregon / Dakota screen touchscreen is perhaps slightly slow to respond - sometimes needs a second prod. Redraws when panning are not so adept as the Satmap. However, all in I am very happy with the unit from early use.

Service from Cotswold Bristol branch also typically good.