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The E+Lite is an emergency head torch that you can carry everywhere so you will never be caught out in the dark again. Easy to use it can be worn on the head, around the wrist or neck or can be attached to thin-edged support with an integral clip. Providing plenty of light for common tasks (with a range up to 19 metres) the unit features 3 white LED's and 1 red LED and has 2 lighting levels: economy and maximum with a max shine time of 45 hours. In addition there is a strobe mode for warning/attracting attention.

FREE STANDARD UK DELIVERY on all orders 30th April - 4th May 2015

Product Features

  • Always ready for use with a shelf life of up to 10 years
  • Waterproof down to -1 m
  • Sold with its own protective carrying case
  • Compact and ultra-light (27g)
  • always carry it with you
  • Powered by Lithium CR2032 batteries (included)

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4 Customer reviews for this product

How do you change batteries on your Head Torch?
Reviewed By Peter, 28 Oct 2011

When it's dark...solution, get out your elite and use it to see while your doing it. After an extended walk around some North Wales Mountains, I found the need to change the batteries in my Tikka XP head torch.

I hadn't thought about it before, but how do you work in the dark on your main head torch? Fortunately I had an elite in my rucksack waistband, and I used it to change my batteries. It was the first time I'd used it in anger, and I found it brilliant. You could use it to walk with in an emergency, but it is an emergency lite after all, so isn't as good for this as most dedicated constant use torches.

I'm glad I bought mine and wouldn't be without it now. Personally I would suggest changing the batteries in it every 2 years as a precaution, you don't want to be needing it and finding the cells have died.

Oh and Cotswold, if you lowered the price, I think you'd find you'd sell loads more of these :-)



Sooooo Small
Reviewed By Paul , 12 Aug 2011

You can take it anywhere as it is just tiny. Obviously its not massively powerful but it can get you home if needed and good enough for most things; especially emergencies. the stobe is useful if walking along a road and the red light good not not loosing your night vision. Only downsides are its quite expensive for a little unit and can be very fiddly if you have gloves on.



The torch equivalent of the Swiss army knife
Reviewed By Peter, 27 May 2011

I am a climber, runner and I am currently doing my silver Duke of Edinburgh award; this touch is useful in all of these situations. It is very light weight making it suitable for night running, due to its light design it does not bob up and down when you run, yet it is not ideal for when you may need to see further than around 10m in the distance; I now use it as secondary light when running; to go round my waste as a back light, on wrist or on the upper arm. I use the red flash in all these cases. I have found it very useful on the odd accession when you say “we can fit another route in”. You fit the route in but getting of the crag is a different issue; yet the e+LITE is there to guide you back to the car. I have also bought this light on several acations when you don’t know what to get someone for their birthday; the e+LITE is a safe bet.



Fantastic Gadget
Reviewed By Phil, 05 May 2011

Earlier last year i was seeking a new head torch, i wanted something, small, light weight and had enough gadgetry to keep me occupied and that could be added to my small pack of survival at the ready tools. And this cute but fantastic lil head torch fitted all of those characteristics that i was looking for, it is small, how small well like they say the size of a 50 pence coin, which was brilliant as when taking a lot of kit on big expeditions or camping trips it comes in handy being that it can fit into anything and everything. It is also shock proof and water resistant to a meter which is another nice feature as i tend to use it a fair amount when i take it for kayaking in my emergency kit, as it tends to get checked around a fair bit but stands the tough ruble and tumble with ease.
One great feature that i do love about the e+LITE is that it has a snap on attachment integrated into it, so if you wanted to attach it to your chest strap on your rucksack then you can do this with ease as this then allows you to have another head torch on or even on the back of your rucksack where you could place it if traveling at night on the road or out on the moor then you've got the added bonus of a red or white strobe light that allows othe