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Using a powerful XP LED, the Myo RXP throws out a variable 23-77m beam which can be boosted to an amazing 97m for occasional use. Three easily selectable brightness modes - and a strobe mode - are each pre-programmable from a choice of 10 lighting levels: this allows the unit to be set up for your intended activity, but adapted at the push of a button to differing conditions. The boost button gives an instant blast of maximum-power lighting when needed.

As well as rapidly changing between settings, the wide angle lens is fitted with a diffuser which can be flipped up or down as necessary, giving either a piercing beam or a softer flood.

The Myo RXP is compatible with various battery types, including lithium for better cold-temperature performance.

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Product Features

  • Weight: 175g (inc. batteries)
  • 3 x AA batteries (supplied)
  • Battery compatibility: alkaline, lithium, rechargeable Ni-MH, rechargeable Ni-Cd
  • 3 modes, each programmable from a choice of 10 lighting levels
  • Light output range:
  • Min: 8 Lumens/23 metre beam
  • Max: 140 Lumens/77 metre beam
  • Boost: 160 Lumens/97 metre beam
  • Battery life range:
  • Brightest setting: 50 hours
  • Economic setting: 95 hours
  • Battery life indicator

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5 Customer reviews for this product

Excellent head torch
Reviewed By Paul, 23 Dec 2012

Needed to replace an old Myo before heading out for an overnight hike across Tyrfan and Bristly ridge.

This light delivered straight away. The changable beam was fantastic. Wide beam for general footwork and the focussed beam for route finding on a complicated rocky route.

The only fault worth mentioning is that its not possible to change the beam easily whilst wearing winter gloves.



This the best headtorch in its class.
Reviewed By Martin, 04 Oct 2012

I have been using this head torch for 9 months now and it has been fantastic, I work for the emergency services and a good light is invaluable.It can operate with rechargeable batteries as well as primary cells.I actually find it feels quite light in weight when on my head and very comfy. I also use it walking, cycling and running.The fact Petzl give a 3 year warranty is testament to the quality of these lights.It has ample light output for every type of use I have put it through since owning it, I also own other `gucci` headlamps and consider this to now be the light to grab when I need an awesome light to use in an emergency.Thank you Petzl and also the staff at Cotwoldoutdoors.



Superior to it's STILL very good predecessor
Reviewed By Angus, 19 Aug 2012

Having just bought this model to upgrade from my MYO XP I could immediately see the advantage.
firstly let me state for the record, the MYO XP positively excels, I love it, there are no drawbacks to it & i'll continue to use it alongside this.

I do use numerous petzls & have NO affiliation with the company, I simply find a good brand & tend to stick with it! ..check out my other petzl headtorch reviews if required.

Ok, some folks have state it's heavy, not really by comparison to similar headtorches, Run time with 3 AA's (I tend to use rechargeables unless out in the extremes) is great, never worried, never been caught short for light if used properly, you don't need it on brightest mode all the time so click through to acceptable levels to eke out battery management & get into the habit!

Which brings me to the reason I now have both models, I actually find that the original LED Myo XP can be too bright, & ever aware of battery conservation (why waste energy)? ..the easily programmable light "steps" offered by the RXP make for a great facility.

To change light settings (ALL settings including strobe / s.o.s. levels) you simply press both the on/off button at the same time as boost & hold them down, till the light flashes then change (& count your settings as you press additionally, it will cycle through constantly till you decide! ..takes a bit of practise, but that's the same with any new item?

from this point you can choose & store 3 settings to dial into requirements for whatever activity / purpose you currently are doing.


Standard (straight out of the pack) are...10 (brightest), 6, then 4.
It's not rocket science, you will only need to familiarise yourself once or twice, (so don't worry about losing the instructions)

I like to keep mine on a low (1 or 2) with 6 & 8 generally, this way it typically does what I want without any battery angst.

Some folk worry about use in the cold, well I've always used mine on misty nights, in storms etc & very low alpine environments (as well as diy) & if temperature is a concern, get a wooly hat, & wrap part of the excess over the battery compartment to assist keeping it warm, batteries produce heat to a degree when working so you'll be adding a thermal layer without adding bulk, i've used mine in -25 through -40 without problem, if cold i'll be wearing a wooly hat anyway, no problem.

I tend to use rechargeables on my old MYO xp which is unregulated so there is light output decay as the 1.2 volt batteries lose charge, however they do very well.
The difference here is with the regulated system it maintains a constant light till it cannot draw adequately, then flashes you a reminder to either downgrade light levels (& it'll recalculate power times) or change batteries ..soon!

Some less thoughtful folk berate the fact that the charge indicator is on the top & not visible when being worn, well you realy only need to know what charge is when you turn it on to get some idea don't you? ..failing that take it off & check occasionally, or get a friend to tell you, it's a 3 stage colour "traffic light" led so foolproof.

Just checked, it also shrinks down onto my 7yr old daughters head without movement, (no additional strap hanger) much so that she's got her eyes on it for night hikes already! wish kiddo!

Therefore if this is a gift to dad , but for all to use, the program light setting is ideal for general family use, D of E, plumbers, electricians, runners walkers , emergency kit, blackouts etc.
Changing settings with gloves isn't particularly easy, but can be done, it's a knack dependant upon how thick & sausage like your fingers become in gloves / mitts.

The mouldings on both models are the same, the diffusors (flood beam) are the same & very effective & durable) despite dropping mine countless times show no harm, the sit very well within the body & flip as required without faffing.

Great kit, worthy investment, work out what you want to use it for, once purchased you will use it alot I assure you. it's tough, but I would recommend using a cheap neoprene camera case (fit it don't guess) for additional protection & storage.

MY only gripe is that Petzl don't mak a dedicated foam "poche" pouch as they do fro the tikka's / zipka's etc, because I would like to keep this on my karabiner with keys etc.

So if you need more variable light this is for you, otherwise the regular xp will do you proud, I like to know that if i'm awake outside & wanting to read all night I can stick this as low as 8 lumens without seriously affecting my overall battery life for the next few nights of a trip.




Great trorch for all uses
Reviewed By James, 30 Dec 2011

For the price of this torch I was expecting high performance and this torch has certainly exceeded my expectations. With a maximum light output of 160 lumens and power regulation to maximise battery life without compromising on light output you get what you pay for. You can use rechargeable batteries meaning that you won’t need to purchase battery after battery. The head strap is fully adjustable with an additional optional strap that goes over the top of your head providing the best possible fit. With several light levels you can go from reading a map to looking across fields with the push of a button. You can also reprogram which light levels you want ranging from 8 lumens to 140 lumens with a boost function bringing the light output up to 160 lumens. Being IP4 rated and only 175g with batteries installed it can be taken anywhere. I would recommend this head torch to anyone.



fantastic personalized torch
Reviewed By liam, 19 Dec 2011

this torch i a great torch for people who want to see things in the distance at night. you can personalized light intensity so you can see a different distances which make looking for something in your tent then on to field around your tent so much easier. i would recommend this torch for anyone who wants a great all round torch that can perform in all kinds of conditions