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Good for what they are
Reviewed By Henry, 09 Aug 2013

Although the main course meals are much better these desserts still hold up well in quality proving good energy.
They are much lighter and more compact than the mains and a little folding goes a long way!

Overall I'd recommend this to those who want a hot pudding although I usually just stick to a Hot Cross Bun and Chocolate bar.



Lovely warm dessert after a hard day walking!
Reviewed By Michelle, 16 Dec 2012

I purchased the Sticky Toffee Pudding Wayfayrer dessert for my final Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition and I loved it!

PROs -
Very easy to prepare (you put the pouch in boilng water for only a few minutes),

Light to pack,

Most importantly it tasted DELICIOUS! I couldn't ask for a better tasting,camping friendly dessert.

The price could be reduced using my Cotswolds Dofe 15% discount card.


Still quite big to pack for a dessert(especially if you buy more than one!) if you are camping and walking with all your things although it is very light.

Quite expensive although my discount helped :)

I would definately recommend this to any Duke of Edinburgh participants as it firstly it kept my energy levels up but also encouraged me to keep going as I could eat this at the campsite!

My friends were very jealous of me with this dessert and so I think we will all have them on the gold expeditions. Another member of my group tried the Chocolate version and also thought very highly of it.

A highly recommended product! :)