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Using Flux Ring heat exchanger technology the Flash PCS is a super efficient and super fast outdoor stove and cooking pot combination. Everything is stacked and stored inside the 1 litre pot for convenience and with a built in Piezo ignition system you can be up and running in no time once deployed. Will boil half a litre of water in about two minutes.

Please note that Jetpower Fuel Cartridges are sold separately.

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Product Features

  • 1 litre cooking cup with insulation sleeve
  • Colour-change heat indicator on sleeve
  • Adjustable, stainless steel burner with Piezo ignition system
  • Drink-through lid
  • Insulating bottom cover/measuring cup
  • Tripod base for stability
  • Can boil up to 12 Litres of water per 100g cartridge
  • Dimensions: Ø10.4 x 18cm
  • Weight (without gas cylinder): 421g

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21 Customer reviews for this product

Reviewed By Cameron, 27 Apr 2015

Been using the jetboil flash for a while now and I have to say it's brilliant. Works faultlessly in all weathers and is very lightweight. Well worth the money.



Fantastic piece of kit.
Reviewed By Pete, 16 Apr 2015

had mine for a few months having seen them in store and reading reviews. The design and function are very well thought out, easy to use and the packing makes a difference. Used to carry a small Coleman and kettle. This boils quickly and does allow about 10 L on a small canister, love taking this tho the Peaks, it lives in the car with a grab bag the rest of the time. Atop tip- protect the. Ignition by covering it in a small screw on plastic milk top, fits perfectly and stops canister damaging it. Highly recommended.



Brilliant little stove!
Reviewed By Matthew, 21 Feb 2014

I recently purchased this stove as an upgrade to an old Trangia, and let me just say that I have no regrets!

The stove is extremely compact and easily fits into my rucksack with plenty of room to spare, the aluminium structure is lightweight yet strong and will survive the occasional bump or knock.

All the components fit nicely inside the main cup which is big enough to cook two boil in the bag meals with ease.

The gas burner is insane! I have only used the recommended Jetboil gas and it burns with ferocity, having said this it can be dialed down to a low level when simmering is required.

The mug is insulated with a neoprene sleeve which allows your food to stay hot as well as you not burning yourself.

The pot support which is included with the set, comes use when you want to cook something a little bigger than a cupful of stuff.

The price of the product is a little more expensive than your standard camp stove but for all the features this includes I would say it is well worth the price.



Excellent Stove
Reviewed By Simon, 12 Feb 2014

I saw a friend with on of these whilst taking a group walking in the Lakes i used a old fuel stove and he used his jetboil. After sitting in sideways rain watching him grinning back to his tent i decide to buy one.
I have to admit there a great piece of kit which i am glad i bought. I have used in all sorts of situations be that on exercise with the Armed Forces to wild camping and it just perform again and again. Considering how fierce the flame is i was pleased with how little gas it used. A small can that fits neatly inside just lasts ages. Don't hesitate just go and get it. Worth every penny.



Reviewed By Bob, 12 Feb 2014

Don't hesitate. Don't waste time trawling the net for something better at the price - it doesn't exist. Click the button and buy it, you will not be disappointed. End of review :-)



Over hyped but still great
Reviewed By Max, 29 May 2013

It is a very good stove IF you use Primus or Jetboil gas. This thing just wont put out ANY heat with a cheaper gas unlike a MSR pocket rocket etc. The flash comes with great attachments, so you can put a pan on the stove, rather than being stuck with the mug. You can even get a coffee press to fit the cup! This really is a compact system too, everything fits inside the mug, providing you use a smaller cartridge, this stops you from misplacing parts in your pack when in a rush to make a hot drink on a cold day. It is a great all around system, but i advise you look into an MSR pocket rocket and a wind shield for one.



Hot water in under 4 mins!
Reviewed By Steve, 23 Mar 2013

Amazing piece of kit. Lightweight, efficient, well designed, dead easy to use and gives boiling water in under 4 minutes from setup to boil point, worth every penny!! Keeping it handy for car trips, end of dog walks, camping and walking trips.



Simply the Best.
Reviewed By Gary, 14 Mar 2013

I received this as a Christmas present and what a piece of kit. Boils water so fast compared to my Trangia. We even carry it in the car for a proper coffee on trips (much nicer than out of a motorway machine.



Best all round model
Reviewed By David, 23 Feb 2013

Really happy with the Flash. The 1 Ltr cup has enough room for army style food ration packs with water left over for a brew. Although top heavy found that with a bit of common sense the feet are ample to keep this up right. The adjustable flame has let me cook other food with out burning, but you have to keep an eye on it. Highly recommend, wish I had bought one sooner.



Excellent choice
Reviewed By Abouzar, 29 Dec 2012

I purchased this for my brother and used it on Ben Lui for a few days (December 2012). very efficient and practical pack...100% recommended for trekking use and UK winter mountaineering.



Love it!
Reviewed By Daniel, 27 Jul 2012

Had this for well over a year now and love it. Have used it virtually everywhere - wild-camping, in the car parks of motorway services, you name it - and really rate it. While it's only really good for boiling water and boil in a bag meals, I can easily work with that on a wild-camp. Great product and a brand which I'll follow with interest.



rubbish unless you have boil in the bag meals
Reviewed By Alex, 07 Apr 2012

not the best stove in the world because if you put anything in the pot it burns and sticks to the bottom which them ruins the finish, I have found this to be very gas hungry and because it's design makes it top heavy it can be very unstable, even on flat ground


Comment from Cotwold Outdoor

Posted By Web Team, 10 Apr 2012

This stove is recommended for boiling water ready for hot drinks, powder soups or meals - you can also heat up boil in the bag type wet meals such as Wayfayrer. The Jetboil Flash PCS is not designed to be a full camping stove, it is a very efficient, compact stove for boiling water quickly.



Great bit of kit!
Reviewed By Bernard, 11 Mar 2012

I was really impressed when I saw someone else use this on a winter camp on Dartmoor recently. I now have my own and have used it all over the place in all weathers to great success. It is compact and easy to use.



Boils in a Flash
Reviewed By Alexandra, 05 Feb 2012

Having tried other stoves during my Duke of Edinburgh and failing miserably from many different reasons like instability and falling asleep waiting for the water to boil. Jetboil Flash ticks all the right boxes for me. Compact, quick, and generally easy to assemble and use. I am looking forward to taking it out Kayaking for my Duke of Edinburgh next month. Overall great product and would defiantly recommend it to a friend.



fastest hot water in the west
Reviewed By alice, 08 Sep 2011

I cannot rate the jet boil too highly. when walking in cannada on a seven day hike between two people we used less than 100ml of gas. it was so fast and efficient I wonder whether it is faster that my kettle at home. I think it's the only stove people will have in the future.



Fast & functional
Reviewed By Dan, 24 Jul 2011

Simple, fully-featured & effective. Now just to track down the coffee press that goes with it...



Reviewed By Aled, 22 Jul 2011

Mega bit of kit so far but will wait to see how long the ignition system works on this one as on the old one it broke rather quickly! All good so far though.



Hot stuff...in 2 minutes.
Reviewed By derek, 26 May 2011

Click...whoosh....bubble bubble...pour...oooh that's so good! ?



Fantastic Bit of Kit
Reviewed By Emily, 25 May 2011

Nothing can beat this stove. So quick to boil water, so easy to store.
Definitely recommended buying this!



Simply genius
Reviewed By Jonathan, 22 Mar 2011

This is the best cooking system I have ever used. I have owned several different fuel cookers and this tops them all. It is so quick and easy to assemble and use that you can have a litre of boiling water in a couple of minutes. The storage method is great, with the ability to store a small gas container inside, reducing space much more effectively than any other cooking system I have used. Great for noodles, soup, water and ready meals. Jetboil also have a few great accessories that are well worth a look if you get this product. The heat gauge is also a nice feature.



excellent stove-
Reviewed By christian, 11 Mar 2011

i wouldnt wild camp with anything other than the JET-BOIL FLASH....it really comes in to its own when cold and windy and you need something to eat or drink very quickly..,