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The JetBoil system...but faster and lighter.

The Sōl is based around JetBoil's trusted formula: a light, integrated, packable cooking system with an insulated, FluxRing equipped cup for super efficient heat transfer and ultra-rapid boiling. At its heart though is the Thermo-Regulate Burner, a true four season unit engineered to deliver consistent heat output down to -6°C. As canisters empty and temperatures change many stoves suffer from fluctuations in performance; the Sōl irons out these inconsistencies so you can rely on your JetBoil to come up with the goods, whatever the conditions.

Of course, being a JetBoil this little powerhouse packs neatly inside itself so you're left with hardly any extra bulk to stow in your pack. Fuel cartridge not included.

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Product Features

  • Thermo-Regulate burner with push-button igniter
  • 0.8 litre FluxRing cooking cup
  • Insulating Neoprene jacket with nylon handle
  • Drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer
  • Bottom cover doubles as bowl/measuring cup
  • Pot support
  • Stabiliser tripod
  • Average ½ litre boil time: 2 minutes 15 seconds
  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 16.5cm
  • Weight: 300g

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5 Customer reviews for this product

Efficient stove and unbelievably compact
Reviewed By Garry, 08 Apr 2014

I bought this because I wanted to go as lightweight as possible. As long as you're just willing to eat food that needs to be hydrated, then this is the stove for you. Although it comes with a housing for pans, I really don't think it'd be much good frying things;you'd have to carry a separate pan (the cup would obviously be useless for frying)and besides, it wouldn't be as efficient as it is with it's built on pot, and here is the beauty of it. It'll bring a full cooking cup's worth of water to the boil in 2.5 minutes, using next to no gas. As long as you eat out of the cup, it has to be the lightest back packing cooking system out there, and it's beautifully compact; the gas cannister (smallest type), burner, stabiliser legs are all stored in the cup.I'd not spend the extra on the titanium version unless you're really serious about cutting weight. This is light enough. Downside? Maybe the cost, but you'll save a fortune in gas, and not have to wait 6 years for your water to boil.Well worth it.



Jet Power
Reviewed By , 07 Jan 2014

Great litter cooker. Will have water boiling in no time. Got this home, Set up in garden in the wind, and had boiling coffee in just over a minuet. Great...



Fast and sexy
Reviewed By Brian, 07 Sep 2013

I was a little hesitant to buy this due to the exceptionally hefty price tag, but heart ruled head and I parted with my hard earned - i am so glad I did!

I wont go into all the tech about thermal regulation, I will just tell you all that matters:

This is an expensive cooker. This is the fastest water boiler I have ever come across (1/2 a litre roll boiling in a touch over a minute. Everything you need, including a 100g cartridge fits neatly into the pot. Weight is more than acceptable. It is really easy to use. BUT MOST OF ALL THIS COOKER WILL PAY FOR ITSELF AS IT USES VERY LITTLE GAS PER BOIL - I SEEM TO GET THROUGH AROUND 3g PER 500ml of water.

In summary, you will not regret buying one of these - absolutely stunning (so stunning in fact I had to buy one for my better half, who is just as impressed).



Super fast perfection
Reviewed By Darryl, 29 Aug 2013

I purchased this Jetboil over others in the range because of the new Thermo-Regulate burner, this gives the jetboil consistent performance when used in temperatures down to -6c (perfect for Alpinists) and also down to the last drop of gas in the canister. It is great that everything including the gas canister packs away all inside the cup. It takes up very little space in my pack, I will even be using it on day hikes as it is so lightweight and convenient. I have used this on a few wild camping trips in Wales and Dartmoor and found it amazed my companions with its speed to get to the boil, I was sat drinking my coffee before others had even got their stoves lit! One friend had so much Jetboil envy he even went and got one too.
I use the Sol for boiling water only as I use dried meals while wild camping and a separate cup for drinks. The Sol is probably too small for reheating wet ready meals like Wayfarer unless you are using a bigger cup like the sumo. If you want to use the Sol for cooking there are some great recipes on the Jetboil website, I plan to try some in the future.
A few things to point out; the Pezo igniter will not work 1st time every time but this is normal much like a gas hob at home it usually needs a couple of presses, not an issue. In very high winds it can blow out and may benefit from a wind shield but easily relights with a press of the ignition button. Finally the stated capacity is 800ml but it is only safe to boil up-to 500ml as it boils so vigorously it overflows and could be dangerous to fill to the brim.
If like me you are planning to just boil water and use a seperate mug, I recommend the Sea2Summit X-Mug as it fits perfectly in place of the lid and is snug enough to stop the bits in the cup falling out.
Do not hesitate to buy this product it will amaze you. I bought mine from the Cotswold Outdoor store in Bournemouth where the staff were very knowledgeable and talked me through the different stove options. I am more than pleased with my purchase and can happily say it is worth the high price tag.



Fastest way to get a cup of tea!
Reviewed By Jonathan, 14 Sep 2012

The Jetboil Sol is, in my opinion, probably the best ultralight weight backpacking stove money can buy. I have used it several times now for overnight backpacking trips in conjunction with dehydrated meals and 3in1 sachets of coffee with great results. It is well thought out, weighs in at under 600g including gas and boils enough water for a dehydrated meal and warm cuppa in under two minutes.

The only thing I can fault it on is the piezo igniter which can be a bit hit and miss.

I am yet to find something that can do the same job within the same weight and size category so it's 5 out of 5 from me!



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