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Never buy fuel again! A fiendishly simple idea, the Kelly Kettle is basically a double-skinned metal chimney. Its tapering shape means a fire lit beneath it in a vented metal base draws very efficiently and lights easily, heating water which you pour into the chimney's hollow walls. Using whatever solid fuel is naturally occuring in the area - sticks, grass, pine cones, birch bark, even dry animal dung - the Kelly Kettle works in harsh weather conditions, bringing water to the boil within a matter of minutes.

Boiling around 6 Mugs of water at a time, the Base Camp Kettle has traditionally been used by Irish Anglers but is also suitable for car camping, garden allotments, picnics, hunting trips and wilderness survival or even use by humanitarian aid groups: anyone living and working in the outdoors!

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Product Features

  • Height: 34cm (packed)
  • Diameter: 18.5cm (widest point at rim of fire base)
  • Capacity: 1.5 Litres
  • Weight: 930g
  • Drawstring carrying bag

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3 Customer reviews for this product

Wow, I'm going to have some fun with this...
Reviewed By Wayne, 04 Mar 2014

As an Assistant Cub Scout Leader I brought myself a Kelly Kettle... well because it looked like a cool and is a really good idea and what could be more fun than burning stuff to make a brew?

Having played with the kettle a couple of times now (it's not quite Cub scout camping season just yet) I can confirm everything the description says is true.

The Kelly Kettle isn't the lightest storm kettle out there, but it is extremely well made and the use of stainless steal probably means that it will outlive me, my sons, their children and their children's children too!

In order to use the kettle you get to burn stuff too and what is not to like about that? After all... Fire is the cleanser!!!

It does take a bit of practice to light and maintain a decent blaze, especially if, like me, you would like to light it without using matches or a lighter. Once lit, the fire can consume fuel quite quickly and feeding it is a bit of a balancing act. Feed it too quickly and you smother the fire, too slowly and the fire triangle is broken! I guess I will just have to carry on practicing that one.

When you do get it right, the kettle will boil 1.5 liters of water in a matter minutes so a decent cuppa is never far away (unless you forget the tea bags).

All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Kelly Kettle to any camper, hiker, back packer or outdoors person out there!



Could there be a better way to make a brew?
Reviewed By Jaedon, 24 Mar 2013

Okay, so there are lighter, smaller appliances for the back packer, but this appeals to those basic instincts... a desire for fire, burning natural woods, small amount of warmth and a cup of tea in record time... unmatched by gas burners!

As Cub Scout leaders, we camp throughout the year from January through to December and this is always top of the kit list. Boils in amazing time. Yes it blackens on the inner, but that all adds to the charm. For those city types, escaping to the country, we can report that a supply of wooden coffee shop stirrers provides ideal back-up in the event of wet weather.

And finally, always remove the bung before boiling water... I won't embarass any scout leaders, but did leave it in and managed to scold themselves by removing the bung, whilst the kettle was on the heat and boiling vigorously... he'll never do that again!!!

Great kit and perfect item to keep in the car boot for 'car boot campers' but the speed at which this boils genuinely has to be seen to be believed.



Reviewed By Angus, 26 Aug 2012

Don't dismiss this just because it doesn't take a gas bottle, it's a canny piece of kit used for many years by real outdooorsman who simply gather fuel on the go to quench their thirst with a decent cup of something hot along the way.
possibly understand this better than most as I also run a wood gasifier campstove which operates on the same principle, pick your fuel as you travel.
This runs exquisitely on, pine cones, mosses, bit's of bark small twigs & lolly wrappers, i've never failed to get either my kelly kettle nor my gasifier going with any hardship.
(why do i have both) ..power outs, car camping, just to have more versatility without relying on cannisters.
Brings water to a rolling boil in around 5 minutes, conducting the flame heat in a most efficient manner.
The new silicone stopper is an improvement upon the old version.
When camping I can leave this in the hands of my young daughter to tend whilst I deal with other things, & if you need space & time alone, send a child off for a nearby fuel scavenging hunt (or go yourself) a small handful of fuel will have our complete party hydrated & happy whilst i'm cooking on my gasifier elsewhere without being crowded or covering my camp party with cooking smells.
& of course as you can use it as a complete camp cook & drink system (with a bit of modification) you can be good to go as a solo traveller.
If I've got room this is a piece of kit that will always travel with me.

Folk are drawn to the kelly kettle due to it's old-school design & lack of reliance on anything other than a bit of forethought.
The bag supplied makes for a good tinder collector bag, & let's face it a small handful of twigs are easily grabbed & placed in your pocket when on the move & the Kelly kettle is packed out of the way.
Easy to use & adaptable, whether on a boat, in a mountain refuge, or woodland scenario, (i've even used dried dung to boil up a brew).
In the park for a more genteel picnic has often meant looking no further than afew feet away to supply us with discarded lolly sticks , moss covering & bark chippings.
Used in non powered bothy's & behind drystone walls over the years now this has never let me down.

classic kit, class kit that when demonstrated you'll be keen to buy.
Every base camp should have one, keeps "kids of all ages" quiet & busy.
thoroughly recommended.



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