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Five Fingers

Mens Spyridon Barefoot Shoe

Building on the success of their minimalist, 'barefoot' footwear designs, Vibram FiveFingers have made the Spyridon specifically to meet the needs of the trail runner. The free-moving flex and individual toes allow unparalleled feel for the trail beneath your feet, but while minimalist shoes may feel great, you don't want to feel the sharp and abrasive elements of the trail too closely! To that end, the chunky Vibram rubber sole guards against stones and debris, and incorporates a lightweight, moulded nylon mesh within the midsole to disperse impact. The aggressive tread complements the confidence inspiring feel for the terrain, by providing sure-footed grip in all directions. Barefoot running can be a great experience but, as with any new sport you try, it can take a bit of getting used to! For more information on the barefoot running style, including important hints and tips on how to get started, click here.

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Sandals (1  Products)