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NOW: £45.00 RRP: £80.00

NOW: £45.00 RRP: £80.00

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A little mountain luxury

The Mountain Equipment Helium 3.8 self-inflating sleeping mat provides welcome comfort and insulation with a small packed size for year-round mountain use.

The foam core has bilateral holes that help insulate you from the ground while ensuring your comfort and minimizing the mat’s packed size. A non-slip abrasion-resistant base prevents the mat from moving around as you sleep and a large push-in valve allows for rapid inflation and deflation.

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Product Features

  • Fabric:
    • Top: Polyester 75D with micro-brushed surface
    • Base: Polyester 75D with non-slip, reinforced finish
  • Self-inflating
  • Large push-in valve
  • Stuff sack included
  • Size: 183 x 51 x 3.8cm
  • Size packed: 27 x 16cm
  • R-value: 3.2
  • Weight: 0.75kg

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51 Customer reviews for this product

like others have said!
Reviewed By Oli, 03 Mar 2015

I got this as my first 'proper' mat for expeditions. As others have had, after a short period of use the mat is deflated before the early hours of the morning due to several almost invisible holes (checked by dunking in the bath!)

It's a fairly light mat, doesn't pack down badly but until the material is changed/problem addressed; the mat will not last.



Avoid - lots of micro holes
Reviewed By mark, 01 Feb 2015

This is my second one of these mats the first went back under warranty as going down due to 100's of tiny holes on the sleeping side. Replacement now exactly the same and out of warranty. Avoid.



A great addition to your sleeping kit!
Reviewed By Heather, 11 Aug 2014

I have had this mat for about 2 years now and it's still going strong. It has come on numerous camps with me and never fails to keep me warm and comfortable throughout the night. The size and weight of the mat also make it easy to take along wherever you're going.

There are only a couple of negative points I can think of for this mat and they're very trivial: 1) it would be nice for the bag to have a handle on the end so you could pull the mat out a bit more easily and 2) you have to top up the inflation after about 3 nights but that's hardly arduous.



Micro holes throughout
Reviewed By John, 11 Jul 2014

Purchased it in July '11 and initially thought it was a great mat but it did bug me that in the morning it wasn't fully inflated but I'd forget about the problem when it went back in the cupboard.
Today I decided to see if I could find what I thought would be a seam fault or something only to find about 18 micro holes over the green side of the mat. They're so small it was tough finding them even when dunked in the bath.
I really look after my gear and I very much doubt inflating in a tent bedroom and laying a sleeping bag on it is going to cause holes so it's poor quality materials / bad quality control.



Great Mat when its new
Reviewed By Geoff, 19 May 2014

Great when new but doesn't last once again its developed a fault 18 months after purchase luckily the 2 year guarantee helps !!



Mountain Equipment Helium 3.8 Sleeping Mat
Reviewed By , 24 Mar 2014

Only used it once since purchasing, on a cold night on Dartmoor last week, but pleased so far. Nice size, good price - not the lightest of mats, but for the price a good compromise. Didn't completely self inflate but only required a bit of help. Won't give it 5 stars because its not the lightest, but its a good 4 stars and anyone on a budget and not too weight conscious should be pleased with it



Split in the sitting room
Reviewed By James, 27 Feb 2014

Wow. It actually split in two places before it even left the house.

Thanks ME. What a poor, poor product.

(The one star is because I am not allowed to enter none).



No problems
Reviewed By Hannah, 18 Sep 2013

Just used this for my Kilimanjaro climb and never felt uncomfy! Obviously as the ground was very uneven in places it wasn't perfect (clearly not the same comfort level as a proper blow up bed) but it definitely did the job and packed up small



Great sleep mat!
Reviewed By Henry, 10 Sep 2013

Bought this because of its small pack size but also comfort and was not disappointed!
Its easy to inflate, comfy and also slightly more insulating than a classic roll mat!
Would highly recommend!



Started well....
Reviewed By M, 15 Aug 2013

Bought this mat just over a year ago. It started well and was a welcome relief to by old Therma-rest which had many years service but had started to stuffer with deflation issues.

However the novelty has warn off now, due to the fact that the mat deflates slowly even when I'm not sleeping on it. Every morning around 5/6 am, I find myself having to inflate the thing again, just to make sleeping a little more comfortable.

Good pack size
Good weight
Nice to have the extra thickness
No problems with the mat sliding (or me for that matter)

Deflates (This one as far as I'm concerned is a biggie)



Brilliant sleeping mat
Reviewed By nick, 03 Aug 2013

Great mat! really comfortable, easy to inflate and to pack away. All you need in a sleeping mat!



Great mat
Reviewed By Joe, 18 Jul 2013

I recently bought a helium mat for a wild camping trip in the lakes . What a product it is lightweight and very comfortable plus it packs away very small. This will be with us on all our future camping or bothy trips it a great product.



best upgrade all year
Reviewed By ben, 24 Jun 2013

I never thought that you could have comfort when camping without taking something along the lines of a camping bed to sleep on. However after using this roll mat on my D of E I have had to change my views completely.
This mat made a wet, uncomfortable weekend all the more better with a warm and comfortable nights sleep. much better than the foam mat I had previously used. To top it off it even fit in my bag so I didn't have to worry about a wet bed.
Overall a superb piece of equipment that provides unparalleled comfort to anything I have ever used before.



Sleeping Mat
Reviewed By Steve, 12 Jun 2013

I bought one of these Mats from the Nottingham branch of Cotswolds a few weeks ago for my 'Light to Dark Way' walk. The young lady who served me was very helpful and honest, it isn't the most expensive sleeping mat, or the best quality on the market, but you know what, it did me fine.

It packs down nice and small and is surprisingly light which is exctly what you need when you're carrying your home, bed and breakfast on your back!
I left it to self inflate in my tent while I made a brew. After 5 minutes I gave it a few breaths and it was ready to sleep on.

I found it necessary to put a cheap conventional foam sleeping mat under it as well when sleeping on rough or hard ground, for a bit more insulation and to protect it from popping on any thorns or sharp rocks.

All in all, very happy with it.



Very Comfortable
Reviewed By Diane, 10 Jun 2013

This mat is SO nice to sleep on. It doesn't move about when you turn over and you can't tell you are sleeping on the ground. I like it a lot. The mat I had before was like a rack of pain but this is lovely



Went to sleep with a big smile on my face.......
Reviewed By Rebecca, 06 Jun 2013

Not for any rude reasons - it was because it was soooooo comfortable I couldn't quite believe it! I am in the military so have spent years on foam roll mats, and the issue blow up roll mats. I'm getting on a bit now (34), and after a very uncomfortable and sleep deprived 'Bestival' last year, and Glastonbury fast approaching this year I purchased one of these wonderful things. It was really comfortable and supportive, stays inflated all night so you don't wake up on the floor. Probably the first time I've slept properly in a tent. Very very impressed so I cannot recommend enough, especially at the offer price :o)



Amazing is the only word
Reviewed By Deena, 05 Jun 2013

The Nottingham branch of Cotswold Outdoor had this mat on display. It was lying over a large box of boulders. When I lay on it I was shocked to find that you couldn't tell you were lying on rocks. I brought it on the basis of the display. I tried it out for the first time a couple of days ago and it was at least as good as I would have imagined. I lay on it and was fast asleep in less than five minutes and I stayed that way in PERFECT comfort for eight hours. If I had to give away my ordinary bed and use this from now on I wouldn't care. It is no less comfortable than being snuggled in my own bed. It packs down very small and it is light weight. If you are thinking about buying this mat do it now, if you weren't thinking about buying this mat do yourself a favor and change your mind.



No problems
Reviewed By Richard, 01 Jun 2013

Bought this mat for 2 weeks of camping in California. Was a little worried about size and weight for flying out there but was able to fit this into my rucksack along with sleeping bag and take on as hand luggage.

The mat is a little short for me as I'm 6'4" so had to let my ankles hang off the end which wasn't a big deal.

We mostly camped on hard ground so this mat was very welcome, and easy to inflate within 2 mins and was easy to pack up.



Good Sleep
Reviewed By Matthew, 07 May 2013

Bought a couple the other week which replaced some Thermarest Mats that the kids will now use. Excellent sleep and noticeably better that the ones they replaced (they are 8 years old though)Good price and although I've used them only once I'm very pleased. Very compact when rolled in the supplied stuff bag. Recommended.



Superb Value
Reviewed By Steven, 29 Apr 2013

Just bought this and tried it out over the last couple of days. Its superb value and just what I want - well done!



Comfy even for big people!
Reviewed By Linda Marie, 17 Apr 2013

I bought the smaller, shorter and thinner mat to save weight, but soon realised it was too flimsy for a proper big person. I can't sleep if I'm cold and uncomfortable, so I ordered this mat while it was on offer. What a difference! I rolled it out, got it inflated and lay down on my tiled floor, it was as comfy as a mattress. This should keep me warm and snug and sleeping like a baby. Brilliant comfort for the extra 400 grammes!



best night sleep in a very long time
Reviewed By Peter, 01 Apr 2013

bought after my previous self inflating mat developed a leak through the valve and it provided an excellent nights sleep. Far more affordable than the "bigger" brands such as thermarest yet there is no difference in quality. Best £45 i have spent this year



Comfort personified!
Reviewed By Justin, 26 Mar 2013

Amazing product used it on several camps already this year from forest floors to fields even in a hammock and it's performed admirably in all situations. Inflates easily although it does loose a star for being at least slightly self-inflating. Good tip though about not storing it rolled up as it allows the cells to expand quicker when you do pack and take it away.



Warm, tiny and light its a must have!!
Reviewed By George, 14 Feb 2013

Excellent item. Received this item very, very quickly so well done cotswold outdoor on that!

As for the item, I have yet to find any real fault at all. It packs up very small and compact so is ideal for light hiking. It takes about 20/30 breathes to get it inflated first time round but less after the first inflation. The valve is sturdy and strong so it would take a lot for the valve to leak.

I used this mat in the Brecon Beacons in 0 degrees c. I was very warm and very, very comfortable. I would even go as far as saying it is more comfortable than the Thermarest prolite 3 I have, which is a very bold statement as I that mat despite its short life due to a puncture.

I would highly recommend this item. I would have been very pleased with it even at £80 RRP but at £45 its not far off day light robbery. Very pleased and can see why everyone raves about them! MUST BUY!



Can't go wrong with this - especially at £45
Reviewed By Steve, 14 Feb 2013

I've used this mat regularly for over a year and can confirm what the other reviewers say. Easy to inflate, packs up small and very light. And amazing how much comfort it gives for such a relatively thin mat, on hard or uneven ground. I agree that a repair kit would be useful, but especially at the offer price of £45, would definitely give this 5 out of 5. Don't go for the 2.5 Mat - the extra fiver for the 3.8 is the better buy.



Excellent mat and excellent value!
Reviewed By , 17 Jan 2013

Bought this recently and am impressed by a few key things. Apart from being one of the comfiest sleep mats I've ever owned, it packs down to a small, compact form, which means packing it in a rucksack is a doddle. Despite being a self-inflater, it is quite robust and incredibly comfortable. I got it for 45 quid, which enabled me to buy some other goodies, so one totally chuffed customer!

Highly recommend it. Great mat at great price.



Good all round mat
Reviewed By Jonathan, 05 Jan 2013

This mat finds the sweet spot between comfort and weight/pack size. I use a Therm-a-rest Prolite reg for lightweight adventures and Wolfskin Base mat for longer, slower outings but I think this mat may replace both. It feels very durable, inflates quickly, is reasonably comfortable, cheap, light and small. What more could you want?



Can't be beaten for the price
Reviewed By Robert , 17 Nov 2012

Just Taken this mat to the Himalayas for a month, can't really fault it, it's hard wearing, packs up pretty small and is comfy/warm. Doesn't come with a repair kit which would have been a nice touch.



Comfiest nights sleep in a tent
Reviewed By Felix, 12 Nov 2012

For the last 8 years I have been using a standard foam roll mat, then decided to ask for this inflatable one for my Silver DofE Award, and I am so grateful I got it. It packs down really small, doesn't slip in the night or deflate and inflates itself up to a point, meaning I only need to blow into it a few times to fully inflate. It is also very warm and very comfy. We were camping in -2 degrees and I didn't even notice, woke up feeling warm and comfy! A great investment.



comfy sleep
Reviewed By Stan, 04 Nov 2012

Nice and compact. Great buy on special.



Great Mat
Reviewed By Kieran, 17 Oct 2012

Got this mat and was really pleased with how comfortable it is, i was also a lot warmer when using it which really surprised me. Brilliant mat in all.



Great for all seasons!
Reviewed By Jonathon, 26 Sep 2012

This sleeping mat is great for all year camping. If you only camp in the warmer months the 2.5 should be enough but combine this mat with a 4 season sleeping bag and you should be cosy and warm all year round.



Excellent Mat – Comfortable & intelligent design
Reviewed By David, 15 Sep 2012

I am thrilled with this new inflatable mat from Mountain Equipment. It is very quick and easy to use – with a simple air value and self-inflating inner. The Helium 3.8 offers great comfort (far superior to my previous foam roll mat) - which is both greatly appreciated after a tough day’s trekking and gives a far better nights’ sleep – essential when on multi-day treks. It’ solid inflated thickness provides comfort even on fairly uneven and rocky ground, means a greater range of camp areas can be used and provides a considerable extra layer of warmth and insulation against cold and even frozen ground.

The base grip layer really works and means that the matt remains stationary all night – rather than slipping around, disturbing sleep and/or resulting in weird, cramped sleeping position in the morning.

Additionally, the mat additionally packs down very easily (and thus saving time on morning starts) and fits into a very small stuff sack. This means I can now store my roll mat inside my rucksack (rather than strapped to the outside), which means it remains dry whatever the weather and my trekking profile is greatly reduced – especially useful when trekking through thick vegetation or endless gates in National Parks.

I would highly recommend this new inflatable roll matt from Mountain Equipment.



Great mat. Great value
Reviewed By Aaron, 20 Aug 2012

Very comfortable and the grippy underside actually works. Best of all is the pack size and the ease it rolls up back into it's stuff sack. Other products need factory vacuum packing to get back into their sacks. Again excellent service from Cotswolds who even inflated one to test on the shop floor!



One of the best
Reviewed By Kostas, 10 Jul 2012

I am 1.85 high, used to own a Vango Adventure mat (still there, no problems and lovely mat) until I needed a fearly lightweight one, arrived just today and thrilled by the quality and the packing size! this is definitely a mat to enjoy! 3.8 thick and spacious to allow me to rest with no compromises, yes this is the mat I was looking for and for a unbeatable price!



So warm, so small, so good
Reviewed By Benjamin, 26 Jun 2012

I bought the Helium 3.8 for my D of E bronze in the Chilterns (it's not quite Everest but was great for a weekend away!) and I was the envy of all my friends. We were all meant to be up and walking at 8am and I was the only one! I had a smile on my face due to the warm night’s sleep, even in the rain, and due to its small pack size I had more than enough space for; tent, clothes, jacket, sleeping bag, food, 2 trangias and plenty of other kit. Feels strong and could last a while. For the price it's an amazing product. Would recommend for any D of E, or camping trip.

Three peak challenge here I come!



Excellent sleeping mat
Reviewed By Murdo, 11 May 2012

I'd been using karrimats previously, but got really cold when I was camping out in Aberdeenshire in February. A night without much sleep. So I decided to get a sleeping mat, but I had no idea there were so many to choose from. With advice from the staff at the Rose Street, Edinburgh, store I selected this model as meeting my needs, and I must say that having now used it, it has definitely met my expectations and "ticked all the boxes" insofar as I am concerned.



Great Warm Mat
Reviewed By Tim, 10 May 2012

I used this mat in the Brecon Beacons and it kept me warm all night. A great pack size and weight for such a well insulated and comfy mat! And at such a good price!



Great Roll Mat
Reviewed By Levi, 21 Apr 2012

Picked this mat up as a winter sleeping mat and it's done the job through many an expedition and many seasons. Its dealt well with rocky bivvies, emergency bivies in the rain (!), tent and tarp work come wind, snow, rain or shine! Lovely and comfy, low pack size and a reasonable weight for a mat of this season rating; and at the price you can't complain!
My valve has given up the ghost after over a year of use, so it now relies pretty much purely inflating with lung power, which is a bit of a let down but nothing major, and no different from any other major brand self inflating mats i've used. Highly recommended!
(Given four stars thanks to the valve.)
Great stuff, will certainly buy again when the current one expires!



Excellent value mat from a great brand!
Reviewed By Martin, 10 Jan 2012

Ordered online and arrived within two working days which is fast!

Upon removing the Helium 3.8 mat from its stuff sac the quality is good. Non slip backing to the mat stops it sliding around on the tent floor and its quick to inflate. Simply twist the valve in the direction of the arrow and pull out slightly to inflate. Deflating is quick and easy. Packing away is effortless and the size is fine.

Very happy with my purchase and at only £45 its excellent value for money. Thanks Cotswold!



Kenya expedition
Reviewed By Stephen, 03 Jan 2012

i recently used this product on a two week expedition to mt. Kenya and the Masai Mara. I felt the product was exceptional, light weight with no compromise to any comfort or insulation. I would definitely use this product again, even for more demanding expeditions, and i feel confident that it would meet all the requirements without any issues or limitations. I strongly recommend this product.



Good but didn't last long
Reviewed By Anthony, 24 Jul 2011

Have had this Mat for just over a year now and problably only used it 4/5 times. It kept well the first few times I used it and made for a very comfortable nights sleep, but recently has started to deflate very slowly overnight, can only assume a fault in the material as can't see any visible punctures.



Super Snoozer base!
Reviewed By John, 16 Jul 2011

This mat is extremely comfortable to sleep on, has an anti slip finish so as to prevent sliding, tough construction, while remaining light weight, compact and self inflating.
After rolling back up it popped back into it's stuff sac with ease.



Just back from Glastonbury!
Reviewed By James, 30 Jun 2011

Can't fault it - Light and small and inflated with no problems.
Just come back from five nights at Glastonbury and was much more comfortable than my old blow up airbed.
It also deflated easily and fitted back into it's bag with no problems.



Very comfortable sleep!
Reviewed By , 23 Jun 2011

Really like this as it is very compact when folded(and very easy to fold), but very comfortable once inflated...only one problem: at the price I had assumed it was self-inflating, but that is not the case, so I needed to lie down on it once I had finally blown it up to my required level of hardness, as I was a little puffed out! That affects my would have been at least 4*.



great mat
Reviewed By , 23 Jun 2011

very comfy and easy to use



Cracking Buy
Reviewed By Sam, 03 Jun 2011

Having put up with the typical camping roll/matt for so many years - I eventually decided to go for a self-inflating matt! Why hadn't I done it sooner is the question I ask myself - really great product, fits neatly in its own bag for easy storage, certainly makes the difference and offers a decent nights sleep :-)



Very comfortable
Reviewed By , 02 Jun 2011

I've always used just a foam mat before, but with age creeping on I decided to go for these mats for all the family. Very comfortable and warm for adults and small children down to 3 degrees C - and at this price there's no point buying a mini-self inflating mat for children. Definitely converted.



Tough, lightweight and very comfortable
Reviewed By Ross, 31 May 2011

This was the first sleeping mat I have tried and I was very impressed with the value and performance.

The green top surface was easy to wipe clean of mud etc. and the grey flock finish on the underside did very effectively prevent the mat moving around during the night.

It was quick and easy to inflate / deflate thanks to the simple and durable air valve.

For such a large mat it packs down surprisingly well in to the carry bag included. As it states in the description it is a fairly weighty 750g so I suppose this could be a concern if weight was critical. The packed size given on the website is accurate and if anything a little larger than the actual size.

In use the matt is very comfortable and sufficiently deep to offer excellent insulation and protection from small stones etc.

Overall I am very happy with this product and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone except those more concerned with size / weight than comfort.



Excellent nights sleep
Reviewed By Victoria, 12 May 2011

Really comfortable nights sleep even on lumpy ground. Squashes down well and is fairly lightweight. A great buy at £45 ! Shame it can't block out my other half's snoring .



awsome matt
Reviewed By christian, 11 Mar 2011

fantastic 4 season sleeping matt., great for sleeping on when in tent on the snow covered floor in winter time.



About the brand

Mountain Equipment

Above and beyond since 1961

Mountain Equipment has been making top quality expedition clothing and equipment for over fifty years. They work with pro athletes, mountain guides and Sherpas the world over to create a range of equipment that can stand up to the most challenging conditions in the most remote areas. They have played a part of every British first assent over 8000m and have reached the summit of Everest more than 175 times.

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