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If you're a hill walker or mountaineer in need of lightweight trousers that'll cope with tough terrain and winter temperatures, these are designed to get you higher and keep you out for longer. Effective against wind, rain and snow, 4-way stretch gives you unhindered comfort.

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Product Features

  • MTN Lite series 4-way stretch fabric with mini rip-stop face & DWR treatment
  • Pre-shaped knees
  • Double press-stud fastening waist with laminated fly
  • Integrated belt
  • Microfleece waistband
  • Zipped hand & thigh pockets

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20 Customer reviews for this product

As usual Mountain Equipment delivers
Reviewed By Alvin, 06 Dec 2014

I bought this trouser, as I always wanted a softshell one that I could use all year round. As I have bought several Mountain Equipment items before and always found them to be very good quality, I went for this one and it had a few pounds off. This is definitely the most comfortable trousers I have had and they are hard wearing, as I have had them for quite a while now. I went up Tryfan not too long ago, I was worried that the trouser would get ripped, but it delivered. As other users have said, you do not overheat, even during summer.



Terrific, especially if you walk in trail shoes
Reviewed By Geoff, 25 Aug 2014

I've used a number of soft-shell pants over the years, and this is the best designed. They've got all the little things right and they add up to a better experience, particularly on a long mountain trek.

The material is comfortable and flexible. Windproofing is fine, and they dry fast.

The cut is tight and quite flattering, but movement is easy for climbing. The waist is comfortable under a pack, and the belt is in a sleeve rather than in loops so it stays flat. The legs are slim around the ankles, which is great for anyone wearing trail shoes without gaiters - they don't flap around and get muddy and there's no need for drawstrings, poppers or other complications. There's a zipped gusset so you can wear them over your boots, but as I wear trail shoes I haven't tried this. If you unzip the gusset it's possible to roll the legs above the knees for stream crossings. There's a seam across the leg, and in many pants this is near the knee and rubs. Here it's mid-thigh and not noticeable.

The two waist pockets are vertical and zipped, with venting mesh lining. They can be accessed when wearing a waist strap. There's a useful rear pocket. The lower cargo pockets wouldn't hold much - they're mainly designed for venting, I think. All are well designed so the zip can be operated with one hand and the mesh won't catch in the zip, as can happen with some other designs.

The branding is on the left leg and rather intrusive, but it seems hard to avoid this these days...

So, lots to like here. I've just ordered a second pair...



Fantastic Pants
Reviewed By Llewelyn, 15 Feb 2014

I spent ages in my local Cotswold store looking at and discussing my needs with the staff. I tried a few different makes of pants on and kept coming back to these. All I can say is they fit my needs completely. They're a great fit, light weight, very comfortable and keep the wind out. Everything you need in a pair of pants!!



Nice and stretchy and dry quickly.
Reviewed By Jonathan, 13 Feb 2014

I've been wearing these Ibex trousers almost continuously whilst working, hiking and living in a remote, cold, wet climate for about 4 months and they are very good.

They are nice and stretchy which means that if they do get wet from either rain or sweat then your legs don't stick to the material and provide resistance when, for example, you walk up hill.

Four of the pockets open from the side and not from above as in normal trousers which means that you can always get into them even if you are sitting down. The pockets have zips to prevent the contents from falling out.

The belt is good too and doesn't unfasten when you're walking with your hands in fleece hand warmer pockets, like the Craghopper belts do (your hands bounce up and down on the buckle as you walk and it comes undone).

If rain is very bad then you will need waterproof trousers as they are only water resistant. It was only when I re-read the information that comes with the trousers before writing this review that I realised that they had a DWR coating, I can't say I really noticed that they repelled water even when new.

There are two red eyelets on the hems but you must provide your own string if you want to tie them off at the bottom. I had to go to the Mountain Equipment website to confirm that this is what they are for as it isn't mentioned in the labels that came with the trousers.

These will last a very long time which is unfortunate as they are slightly too large for me! I had to buy them with very short notice and they were the only viable pair they had in the shop at the time.



Great gift.
Reviewed By Graham, 23 Dec 2013

My eldest son walks every weekend and he says that these are the best walking trousers he's ever had: durable, breathable and very comfortable. Great buy.



Not what is says
Reviewed By Muhammad , 24 Nov 2013

I bought this trouser for my Himalayan tour in August /september 13. On first day of glacier using harness without any load being put the cloth's fibres under harness turned in to small rounded nodules like fleece cloth. I was disappointed as I have used Mountain equipment products before and they were always excellent until this. I did not risk using it there. Tried to use as cycling trouser in Wales commuting to work I realised it is not even waterproof. It was a waist of money and will not recommend this to any one. It could well be the individual piece with problem as I know Mountain equipment is is good company.



Robust and a great fit!
Reviewed By Jonathan, 01 Nov 2013

These pants were at the top of my wish list on a recent trip to Peru. Having come highly recommended by instructors and friends I was desperate to get my hands on a pair. Whether walking around Lima, Huaraz or at 5000m on a glacier these proved really effective. Durable, breathable and a comfortable close fit which was a godsend when pulling a harness on and off! The vents on the side are a great feature and the material is flexible enough to allow for ease of movement in whatever activity you're pursuing. Ideal for alpine mountaineering, climbing and hill walking.



Really great piece of kit
Reviewed By Steve, 10 Sep 2013

Really nice fit and very stretchy. I have used these in all weathers and they are very comfortable and flexible. Stop reading this and click buy.



Best piece of kit.
Reviewed By Dennis, 01 Sep 2013

Chatting to a stranger at Pen-Y-Pass when he saw my Ibex Pants and he said 'I have a pair of those and they're the best thing I ever bought'and I said 'that's funny because I say the same thing'



Not bad 3 out of 5
Reviewed By Keith, 27 Mar 2013

i bought these for the stretch fabric and rain and wind proof ability. Great until the first wash then found rain proofing not so good. Good job I had a pair of gore tex outer trousers. Comfortable for walking, will last me a season, but not so rain proof I think. I must go out in more extreme weather and terrain where there are no pick pockets.



Great Pants
Reviewed By Max, 25 Mar 2013

A good sturdy all round pair of pants, the material is insulating, sheds light water and snow and is very stretchy. The fit is very comfortable and there are plenty of pockets, the belt is great as it has a sleeve which retains it, therefore it doesn't catch on anything or ride up of the trouser.
My only quarrels would be that the bottoms are very tight, so they look a bit silly on walking boots however there is a zipper which extends the fabric, also i prefer the zipper pulls on the guide pant, which although it is cheaper they are made of a rubber material which feels nicer and more durable than the cord attached to these.
But these are only minor niggles, i will be wearing these alot! definitely worth the money.



Can't beat them.
Reviewed By Jonathan, 15 Jun 2012

A brilliant pair of tough trousers. Quite a neat fit, especially around the lower leg. This is very helpful when walking through muddy terrain with no gaiters- also stops any unwanted flapping. Very tough, used on some bouldering routes on Cuillin Gabro and not a tear to mention. On very cold days you are going to want something slightly warmer, although if layered with a base layer they will be plenty warm enough so long as you keep moving! The trousers also have 4 zipped pockets on the front. The thigh pockets are relatively small and wont take much, but the waist pockets are a good size and will swallow things like phone, compass, wallet with ease. Nice touch having zips- knowing your items are not going to get lost. They also have a nice stretch to them- which is great for things like mountain biking on cooler days. Overall a great pair of trousers- you wont be disappointed.



very good
Reviewed By Jonathan , 10 May 2012

these trousers are great for mountaineering, hill walking and maybe even climbing. The trousers are built with a stretch woven fabric very robust and resists water very well and also the tapered fit at the bottom stops the trousers flapping around at the bottom of your boots and you hardly get any mud on your trousers due to it flicking up and flapping around.



Nice cut and comfortable.
Reviewed By Alex, 07 Apr 2012

People often seem to place too much faith in softshell pants - they are not waterproof and do wet through in anything other than light rain - but they are comfortable all-round trousers. These have a nice cut and the stretch makes them ideal for scrambles and climbs.



Excellent soft shell pant.
Reviewed By Luke, 29 Feb 2012

I bought these trousers after trying on many soft shell trousers. I find the fit of these trousers to be far better than any other. I have used the these trousers so far at indoor climbing walls and a recent weekend in Snowdonia. These trousers are extremely comfy, and cope very well with wind and rain. I would definitely buy these again.



Excellent walking trousers
Reviewed By N, 10 Feb 2012

I have had these a while now and have found them to be excellent all round. They are lightweight, comfortable and dry very quickly. I would highly recommend them over more expensive trousers.



super comefy
Reviewed By Ben, 23 Jan 2012

Great pair of pants, perfect fit, tappered bottoms to fit well under gaiters, Trouser bottoms wont catch on the floor. water proof untill heavy showers gtreat in drissle



Extremely comfortable
Reviewed By Matthew, 25 Oct 2011

Bought these a few days ago and find them very comfortable, warm but not too warm and kept me dry as well. Would definitely buy again.



ESSENTIAL - you should buy these trousers !
Reviewed By John, 15 Mar 2011

I write this review as a professional Buyer (of clothing) & as someone who has survived a fire.

I have been left with just the contents of my pockets after a fire consumed all my personal possessions. God forbid anything similar should happen to you, but, if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation these trousers are the best available.

The reason I am so enthusiastic about them is the pockets zip up. This makes it harder for someone to pick your pockets & retains your items if you sit down or fall over, for example.

You can keep your keys in one set of pockets & your credit/debit card(s), your cash & 'phone in another pocket, for instance.

Should the worst ever happen, you would have all the essentials to hand.

So, for this reason I give the Ibex Pant (from Mountain Equipment) 5-stars. I have put my money where my mouth is & bought three pairs.

My only quibble is they have a large white company logo on the left leg (which I would rather do without - I prefer subtle branding), but, all in all, it's a minor quibble with an excellent product.

I urge you to prepare for the worst & buy these pants.



Great Trousers for Walking
Reviewed By John, 13 Mar 2011

Very impressed with the material these trousers are made from. It's excellent at keeping the wind and rain out. It's also quick drying. My only quibble would be the ankle width. This is very narrow and won't go over the top of my boots. They have a zip adjuster, time will see if constantly using this puts any strain on the zip. I think the trousers would be suitable for walking in all but the hottest weather too, making them a good all year round option.



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