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This Neoprene sleeve is a very cool way to carry your Sigg water bottle around. Check out the clip to keep it close! The Sigg Neoprene Cover will hold a 0.6L water bottle. (Bottle is not included)

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Product Features

  • Insulating neoprene material
  • Designed for 0.6 Litre bottle

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1 There is 1 review of this product

Buy one early & save a battered sigg! "kid-proof"
Reviewed By Angus, 19 Aug 2012

Why do we use a sigg? ..well it's because we like good clean tasting water or cold drink of your choice, & they are durable, & the aluminium bottle keeps cooler than a regular can / plastic bottle.

As far as my child's welfare is concerned a sigg is not status it's common sense!

On the positive side in tests sigg bottles compared to dodgey no name aluminium / steel bottles tend to have far less down to zero leachate in them than anything else.
Support is good from sigg ..wherever you are round the world.

For our daughter raised on siggs rather than dodgey plastic cartoon character bottles.. this is great as the 0.6 is fine for 0.4 bottles so your child can step up or swap between the two making it more multi-purpose & less of an outlay in the long run.

Taste, these work period, helping keep a drink far more refreshing for hours on end, ok they weigh a bit but that's because they are thick skinned & durable, making a sigg in a kids hands less of a risk!

Note I wouldn't have 3 heavily dented 0.3, 0.4, 0.6 kids bottles IF i'd seen this 5 yrs ago when she was just starting out on her first sigg bottle.(as sigg also sell mini versions too).

Easy zipper access, the pouch works well if your child "must" remove it.

Sturdy stitching, tough good grip velcro, ...never let us down yet, strong plastic cleat that might be fiddly for little fingers but handy for grown ups to latch onto their sigg & carry together as needed!

All in all what you'd expect of a sigg accessory (with the exception of the dodgy kids lid cover) ..ah well, she's got beyond those.

As for the drop test ....yes they absorb a heck of a lot of impact onto concrete, tarmac & granite flooring as we regularly experience, & whilst not offering total protection will keep your sigg pretty much pristine of significantly less dented!

makes a big difference on any given day for more than simply keeping drinks cooler longer!
This review comes after it has been thoroughly kid tested on a daily basis forseveral years, left laying arounf for the puppy to suck on, dropped in puddles (inevitably) ..however, valued by the kid owning it means she takes more care than a regular cheapy bottle / cover as she is aware it's grown up "proper" kit like mum & dad use.

That's got to be good as it means it's favoured & coveted, & often the only cool drink in a classroom on a hot day!

These are pretty bombproof, very thick bases & sides, mini-grown up bottle covers, worth the expense!

Get one!