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Stride Out Foot Oil may well be a new concept to many people: applied to the feet before a walk, this blend of oils is designed to prevent damage, greatly reducing the likelihood of suffering from blisters and other foot sores. Although a preventative measure, it has been found that prolonged use even helps to repair previous damage.

Developed and modified over 50 years of personal use by a former SAS soldier who realised the benefits of certain natural oils, the blend he perfected is now available as Stride Out Foot Oil. The oil comes in a handy 100ml plastic bottle with a plug to make the application easier.

It is simple to apply by massaging 5ml (a teaspoonful) on to each foot immediately before putting on your socks and boots: easy as that (but don’t walk about with bare, oil covered feet). Just make sure the whole foot is covered from the ankle bone to the tips of the toes and in between the toes, and you're ready to go.

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Product Features

  • 100ml bottle (travel friendly)
  • Easy to apply
  • Uses a blend of natural oils
  • Found to prevent blisters and foot sores
  • Ideal for use with new footwear or if prone to blisters


  • Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil
  • Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Oil
  • Cinnamal
  • Eugenol
  • Linalool

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7 Customer reviews for this product

A disaster
Reviewed By , 16 May 2015

This didn't work at all for me. I put some on before a 40-mile walk, but half-way through I was beginning to get blisters. I stopped to apply Compeed to prevent the blisters getting worse, but next time I looked at my feet I found that the Compeed had disintegrated into a sticky mess of jelly and shredded plastic. I have never encountered this before, so I can only assume that the oil destroys the blister plaster and renders it completely useless. Since I need to be able to apply plasters at the first sign of a blister, I shan't be using this oil again.



Not sure why I bothered
Reviewed By Simon, 27 Apr 2015

I don't know exactly why I bought this foot oil, as I cannot ever recall having blistered feet, but I was planning on doing the Hadrian's Wall trail and thought it might help. Liberally applied on the first day, a flat walk out of Newcastle and the result was 5 blisters! The walk was 16 miles, a distance I'd done enough times in practice, using the same boots and socks, so I can only put the blisters down to this stuff. Ruined the rest of the walk for me, as I had to do the following 5 days of the walk in pain. I can only hope my feet recover well enough that I have no ongoing issues later...



On the tin
Reviewed By Gary, 14 May 2014

Sore feet zero blisters!!long trails and hikes and it has good healing properties first thing in bag and spare bottle you won't be let down



Brilliant Product
Reviewed By philip, 22 Nov 2013

I saw a review of this in Trail magazine, they gave it a glowing report so I decided to invest in a bottle. I do not suffer severe blisters but on longish walks of 10 plus miles the soles of my feet do become sore and irritated no matter what socks I wear, even if I moisturise my feet before setting out it makes no difference. I understand that this is the start of how blisters form through heat and friction etc. I put some of the oil on my feet today before heading out on my walk, I walked 14 miles with no sign of the irritation that I normally suffer. I cannot praise this product enough it is simply brilliant and I will be buying more soon so that I never run out. Get some and try it, you will not be disappointed.



Tried, Tested, BRILLIANT!
Reviewed By G, 22 Sep 2013

I'll be using Stride Out Foot Oil during my 7,000 mile walk around the coast of Great Britain in 2014. Forget plasters, creams and tape, this oil is the ultimate defence against blisters and hot spots. Already I've seen the benefit of using the oil when completing long marathon + milage walks and I'm sure it'll go a long way to helping me next year. The outdoor world's best kept secret is here!



A must buy for the serious walker
Reviewed By Julie, 05 Mar 2013

I am competing in a 100k walk (62miles) non-stop over the South Downs and have been looking for something to stop me from getting sores and blisters. I was recommended this oil and i would not now be without it ... forget compede plasters, strapping etc try this instead, I have been training hard and using this oil as recommended before each training session and even with a new pair of boots and walking 15miles not a single sore in sight!!! I have started using it on a daily basis (not using quite as much as they say too but Im sure this is whats stopping all the sores aches and blisters... I will repost once I have completed the challenge to update on how my feet stood up to 62miles using this oil ...



foot oil by stride out a great buy
Reviewed By beaton, 21 Oct 2012

when i go walking to the lakes or my local cheviot hills i prepare my feet with compeed, zinc oxide tape, and gaffer tape,also the compeed crayon,a real hassle, i have always suffered i have worn every type of walking boot going fitted by experts after all these precautions i still have sore feet . then came stride out oil, just completed 18 miles in 5hrs so it wasnt a stroll lovely day for the cheviots.any way the results of the oil no pain at all in the right foot at all, and only moderate pain in my left this oil is amazing, a great product worth the money i still cant believe in 30yrs walking almost painfree rob