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Technology and durability that can take on the harshest of environments

The original, groundbreaking Suunto Vector watch now represents amazing value for money. Originally designed for cross country skiers, hikers and climbers, thousands of outdoor enthusiasts continue to use the Vector week in, week out on their treks and adventures.

The altimeter is ideal for when you are out and about, it can be helpful in accurately pinpointing your location on a map as well as encouraging you to monitor yourself and others around you when at high altitudes and Acute Mountain Sickness might be a risk.

The barometer is ideal for helping you make a descision where the weather might be concered, if it is about to take a turn for the worst you might not take the longest route while if it is looking brighter you can make the most of your time on the hill while you are up there.

The countdown timer is super handy if you have desires to beat a personal best while the stopwatch is great for recording your speed hiking efforts as well as a multitude of other sports such as swimming, running and cycling.

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Product Features

  • Altimeter to 9000m (29,500ft)
  • Barometer
  • Compass with declination setting
  • Temperature
  • 4 days weather memory
  • Stopwatch and countdown timer
  • Water-resistant to 30m
  • Watch with three daily alarms
  • User replaceable battery and strap
  • Weight: 54g

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4 Customer reviews for this product

Not perfect (what is)!? ..a cracking little tool
Reviewed By Angus, 19 Aug 2012

I own a yellow "classic" vector & have done for quite a few years now.
Firstly, if you only use this for winter / sport pursuits (ie seasonally) & you lose the manual it's available on suunto's own site. (guess what, me too)

As I have a head injury (sports related) I can't always remember the not overly simple settings & record keeping this watch offers, so I've printed out the relevant pages & read em again before I go on a trip ...seems to work!
That said it is fairly uncomplicated to get to grips with especially if you wear this day to day.
In seasonal use mode I find a battery can last 2-3 years depending on how much you use it based on numerous weeks away, the battery is easy to replace (no special widgets needed, (just watch for the waterproof gasket seal & replace it from time to time, depending upon your sport & proximity to water (or shock pressure).

frequently realign your compass (simple, & as part of any ongoing kit checks) ...a few mere seconds before you really need it.

Altimeter, gaining & dropping height may put it out (& therefore affect the barometer readings) ..this is usual for all of this type of kit, so try to find periodic points where you can check (within 5 metres) to ensure it's up to date & handling your movement, (we don't all carry maps) but things such as base stations & O.S. markers are a pretty good bet.

Thermometer, ..if it's on your wrist the reading will be out (body temp) so do stick it on a ski-pole or "whatever" & leave it for at least 15 mins to 30 mins as a guideline (eg whilst having lunch) ..I often stick mine on my jacket d ring if i'm monitoring temps closely.

A great bit of kit for timing your ski-ing / snowboarding runs as to metres per second / minute etc to see if you've improved, so good for race training or just beating your personal best if out on your own, something to set yourself against on a known run!?

The Bezel is a bit tight (it should be) & the strap is on the small side (imho), that could be comfier, however this is the low end of the market & not to quibble it is comfy over extended periods.

It can change between functions due to the top layer catching (elasticated cuffs), but hardly a trauma, & often i've been thankful for that when it's prevented snow going up my arm in a bale!

I have found falling on this not a problem, doesn't seem to have ever hurt my wrist from landing badly whilst jumping around (( snow bales)).

The light up (night) mode is frugal, lasts around 4 seconds enough time realistically to see what you need, battery conservation being a priority.
(battery status indicator too)!

A great watch & veritable classic, I'm happy to own it, it takes knocks & performs well.



A Proper Big Watch...
Reviewed By Steven, 08 Apr 2012

I've been wearing Suunto for over 10 years, I first had the Advisor and I replaced it with the Vector a few years ago. I never really used the HR Monitor function anyway.

Suunto watches aren't perfect, the Altimeter is temperamental and the Temperature function only works accurately if you take it off. However the compass works well for a quick spot check and the Barometer is surprisingly accurate and from using it I've found that I can now often 'sense/feel' the pressure drop when rain's due!

Their biggest problem though is build quality. One both of my watches the bezel has needed replacing and battery changes now come with a new battery cover and seal because you could guarantee the old seal would end up bejiggered when replacing the battery.

So, the question is do you want to fork out a whole lot of wonga on a generally technologically good watch with dodgy build quality?

The answer is, of course you do because it's a big, awesome looking proper man's watch which will always tell you where North is and when it's gonna rain...who cares about how high you are or how hot it is!



Great adventure watch!
Reviewed By Michael, 07 Jan 2012

This is a great watch that has a good amount of features which a pretty accurate. I got this watch at the start of December and have worn it non-stop since.
The only downfall is that my altitude goes a bit funny at times, however this maybe down to the person using it not actually reading the
I would defiantly recommend if your into adventurous sports or just in need of a good looking watch!



A great multifunction watch
Reviewed By Brian, 18 Aug 2011

I have had this watch for the past month and have been out every weekend and it has been invaluable. A great and reliable little bit of kit. Although the altimeter, barometer and compass are all reasonably accurate, they are no substitute for experience and skill with the individual items. I'm looking forward to testing this watch in the winter to see if the quality is as high at very low temperatures. All in all a great piece of kit.



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