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Stay motivated and reach your training goals with the TomTom Multi-Sport HRM+CSS+AM GPS Watch. Get easy access to the information you need to track your progress and boost your performance.

Using information gathered from navigation satellites, the TomTom Multi-Sport calculates and records key information about your running, cycling or swimming session and presents it to you on a tough, high-resolution display. When running or cycling, it tracks your distance, speed and time. For swimming it also tracks your strokes, stroke type, lengths and efficiency. A built-in barometric altimeter lets the watch track elevation, ascent and descent as well. This package includes the TomTom Bluetooth Heart Monitor, which allows the watch to monitor your heart rate, and the TomTom Bluetooth Cadence/Speed sensor, which allows the watch to track your peddle rate as you cycle. If you are training indoors the built-in sensors count your running strides or swimming strokes so the watch can still monitor speed and distance.

The watch functions are easy to navigate thanks to an intuitive single-button control so you can swiftly set-up the device and get going. Three unique training modes use full-screen graphics to display your performance along the way and beeps and vibrations give you training alerts to help you keep focussed and achieve your goals. The slim, lightweight design fits comfortably on your wrist and a specially-designed mount forthe handle bars of your bike is included. The casing is waterproof to 50m (5 atm).

You can easily upload the information recorded on your watch to your PC or Mac using the Desk Dock connector and then sync, analyse and share your stats on popular running websites and apps.

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Product Features

  • Measures distance, speed, time, calories, steps, strokes, elevation, ascent, descent, heart rate, cadence
  • Heart monitor and cadence sensor included
  • GPS and GLONASS navigation
  • Built-in compass and barometric altimeter
  • Single-button control
  • Three training modes
  • Training alerts 
  • Handle bar mount included
  • Display size: 22 x 25mm
  • Display resolution: 144 x 168
  • Battery life: Up to 10 hrs (GPS mode)
  • Waterproof to 50m (5 atm)
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Weight: 50 grams

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1 There is 1 review of this product

Excellent multisport watch
Reviewed By Rich, 13 Jan 2014

As far as I know this is TomTom's first solo effort in GPS sports watches having teamed up with Nike previously. They have clearly learnt a lot as this really is a great sports watch.

- it's very comfortable and has a good slimline fit
- UI is clear and very readable
- navigation of stats/functions on the watch works a treat with the 4 way button
- hardware is excellent and the barometric altimeter appears to work well
- supplied software is great too, and TomTom seem to be regularly adding features and fixes via regular firmware updates
- options to automatically export data to multiple fitness websites (and formats) is a HUGE plus; you are not tied exclusively to TomTom's site
- support is great and TomTom appear to be really active on their support forums helping users out and asking for feedback and feature requests (and acting on them)
- removable/exchangeable strap, supplied handlebar mount and usb dock all work really well
- satellite acquisition is the quickest of any sports watch I've owned by quite a large margin

- to get the barometric altimeter you have to buy the complete package with cadence and HR sensors
- altitude/elevation data is only available when you upload your exercise data, there's no way to see it on the phone while you're running

Overall I really like it - such a huge step up from my Garmin in terms of usability and freedom (re data transfer). I can't comment on battery life as I've only done two runs and a short bike ride, but reviews are very positive.

I've got high hopes for the iPhone companion app which is due to be released in Jan 2014. If TomTom keep the data transfer open (i.e. not tied exclusively to their site), keep adding software features (a hiking mode with altitude/long&lat and compass display would be fantastic) and basically keep doing things the way they have been, then this going to be hard to beat.

I've got some big running events coming up this year so we'll have to see if I'm still loving it after 8 hours in the mountains (and if the battery can handle it)!



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