Tent Carpets

If you are a regular camper, and want to achieve maximum comfort on your next outdoor trip, you’ll find a number of practical tent carpets at Cotswold Outdoor, designed by a number of expert brands including Vango, Robens and Eureka.

Ensure Comfort and Insulation with our Tent Carpets and Rugs

At Cotswold Outdoor, you’ll find a number of different carpet sizes and types within our range which are designed to provide additional comfort and insulation to your tent. Camping outdoors can often be challenging due to the terrain, weather and level of warmth provided within a tent, particularly for longer trips in cooler weather. This is why our tent rugs and footprints are perfect for laying down on top of your groundsheet for extra protection. Add a touch of homely comfort to your next camping trip with fleece or foam mats, and biodegradable versions.